Alternative to Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning Electronics

Alternative to Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning Electronics? Definitive Guide for 2023

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We see electronics taking a significant part in our daily lives. Anytime you look around, you’ll undoubtedly see at least one electrically powered gadget. As a result, electronics are now an important part of our daily life. And it is important to maintain our electronic devices.

In this article, we will discuss the what is the alternative to rubbing alcohol for cleaning electronics. While there may not always be a lot of moving components in electronics, when there are, they tend to produce a significant amount of dust, dirt, and debris.

While there are several methods to clean up your devices, rubbing alcohol is usually one of the better options, but there are alternatives to rubbing alcohol too. What are the substitutes for rubbing alcohol in cleaning electronics?  We will be discussing this topic in this article. Stay with us for more details.

What are electronics, and why should they be cleaned?

What are electronics, and why should they be cleaned

The study and use of electronic devices in which electrons move through a vacuum, a semiconductor, or a gas medium are covered in the field of electronics, a subfield of physics. Applied magnetic fields or electric have an impact on electron motion.

We use a wide variety of electronic gadgets every day. Electronics are used in a wide range of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical, office, and agricultural ones. In addition, the top electronic devices that we use on a daily basis include the following: TV, computer, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, telephone, etc.

Electronic equipment has a tendency to grow filthy if they aren’t cleaned regularly, which will ultimately cause its performance to degrade. Therefore, we should be aware of the techniques that may be used to clean electronics. You can check our review on Alcohol for Cleaning Electronics.

What are the alternatives to rubbing Alcohol?

What are the alternatives to rubbing Alcohol

What would be the greatest alternatives for rubbing alcohol to clean electronics? Acetone-containing nail polish remover is the finest alternative. You may clean out devices without using extra cleaning products if you use a compressed air duster or a microfiber cloth.

We will go into more depth about each of these three options below. You can read about What is Denatured Alcohol used for?

  1. Aceton:

Acetone is one of the most frequently used cleaning agents for electronics. The chemical formula for acetone is (CH3)2CO. Remember that there are several drawbacks to using acetone. Circuit boards may sustain damage if exposed to this chemical for an extended period of time.

Therefore, while cleaning your electronics, you should be careful to remove any acetone as quickly as you can. You need to restrict how frequently you use acetone to clean your electronics, particularly when it’s in its purest, most undiluted form.

Acetone is so powerful that using it for numerous cleaning sessions won’t prevent it from eventually damaging your devices. So, Use it with caution.

  1. Compressed Air:

The majority of the time, dust is the main factor that damages electronics, and this can be removed without the use of rubbing alcohol or any other liquid-based cleaning. Compressed air is one of the most widely used methods for cleaning computers and other electronics.

Because it doesn’t leave a residue on the electronics and can easily fit into crevices, compressed air is incredibly effective at removing any dust. The hard-to-reach areas that you can’t clean out manually will be easier to reach with a compressed air can.

If you’re using compressed air to clean your electronics, you’ll need to maintain the can upright to make sure the air nozzle is functioning correctly. Additionally, you should keep the nozzle of the compressed air 8 to 12 inches away from the electronic devices you are cleaning.

  1. Microfiber Cloth:

If you are unable to get any acetone or compressed air, you may continue your manual electronics cleaning routine by applying a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or debris that may be present in your equipment.

If handled properly, microfiber cloth may easily be utilized to clean your devices since they have a tendency to catch dust. Remember that there are several significant drawbacks to cleaning your devices with a microfiber cloth.

You will have significantly less reach relative to compressed air, making it much more difficult to remove the dust from tight areas where your fingers are unable to reach.

Since microfiber cloths can get dirty very easily, you may need to use more than one cloth or otherwise take your time while cleaning so you can wash your clothes and get rid of any dust that has remained on them.

So, these are the alternatives for cleaning electronics.


1. Without alcohol, what is the best way to clean a circuit board?

The least amount of damage to the board is possible while cleaning dirt using baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate.

2. Can I clean electronics with hand sanitizer?

If alcohol-free hand sanitizers are efficient against both germs and viruses, they should be safe to apply to exposed screens.

3. When cleaning my computer, what should I avoid doing?

Before cleaning, be sure to turn off and disconnect your keyboard, monitor and laptop. Glass cleaner should not be used since your screen is not a window. Additionally, glass cleaners don’t remove germs.

4. Is it harmful to use hand sanitizer to clean your phone?

It’s advised to avoid using hand sanitizer as phone disinfection since it includes components like perfumes and rubbing alcohol that might damage your smartphone.

5. Why does water destroy electronics yet rubbing alcohol doesn’t?

Alcohol evaporates more quickly than water; therefore, there is little chance that it will be present long enough to harm electrical parts.

Final Words

Electronics are a huge part of our everyday lives. Electronic gadgets may be damaged if they are not properly maintained. Therefore, it is crucial to clean gadgets. We now know that there are alternatives to using rubbing alcohol to clean devices after reading this article.

It is necessary to have a basic understanding of this topic. In this article, the alternatives to rubbing alcohol are extensively discussed. Now, we know a lot more about the alternatives while cleaning electronics.

I really hope you’ve liked this article and that it makes your day happier and better.

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