Alcohol for Cleaning Electronics

Best Alcohol for Cleaning Electronics | Definitive Guide for 2023

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We bet you don’t give much attention to cleaning your electronics, how much you give to cleaning other things. It’s not unpredictable. Even we relate to this as well!

While reading this, you are probably using your laptops or android, or you have your earphones on, but when have you last cleaned them? Rubbing alcohol can save your day by removing the dirt from your electronics.

Yes, to save you from this situation, we have come up with the Best alcohol for cleaning electronics so that you can find your best one among these!

Don’t go anywhere! Just bear with us!

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
MG Chemicals Isopropyl Alcohol | 99.9% Anhydrous Solvent | Liquid MG Chemicals Isopropyl Alcohol | 99.9% Anhydrous Solvent | LiquidCheck Price
Vaxxen LabsIsopropyl Alcohol | 99% (IPA) | Medical Grade Concentrated Vaxxen LabsIsopropyl Alcohol | 99% (IPA) | Medical Grade ConcentratedCheck Price
Solimo 70% Isopropyl Alcohol | First Aid Antiseptic | Liquid Solimo 70% Isopropyl Alcohol | First Aid Antiseptic | LiquidCheck Price
RJ Chemical MFG ISOPROPYL Alcohol | 99% Strength | 100% Pure RJ Chemical MFG ISOPROPYL Alcohol | 99% Strength | 100% PureCheck Price

What is Rubbing Alcohol?

What is Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is known as isopropyl alcohol which is a great source of maintaining hygiene since it has the disinfecting powers to kill bacteria, viruses, or fungus.

It is basically a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. It is the basis for the rubbing alcohol you will find in every store as a cleaner. What actually differs is the strength; it comes up with different strengths from 50% to 90%.

Comparison Chart of Alcohol for Cleaning Electronics

BrandMG ChemicalsVaxxen LabsSolimoRJ Chemical MFG
Specific Uses For ProductIndustrialmulti-purposeFirst aid antisepticmulti-purpose
Item FormLiquidLiquidLiquidLiquid
Item Volume32 Fluid Ounces128 Fluid Ounces32-fluid ounce bottle128 Fluid Ounces
PurityNot specificSuper highNot specific100%

Is 70% isopropyl alcohol safe for electronics?

Is 70% isopropyl alcohol safe for electronics

As we have told you above, rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is used in different strengths, generally from 50% to 90%.

You may easily get the starting rate, which means 50%, which is the mild one. The isopropyl alcohol with low concentration is not that good at cleaning germs.

But the higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol can be a bit harsh for the surface. On this matter, 70% isopropyl alcohol is safe for electronics, but on some conditions.

The electronic device you are cleaning must be powered off, and after using, it has to be given the time to dry because 70% isopropyl alcohol requires some time to dry off completely.

It would be safe if it dries completely and then your plugin.

Important to mention that 70% isopropyl alcohol is not safe for the screen of your electronic device.

Our Top 4 Best alcohol for cleaning electronics Reviews

Here we have arranged some of the best rubbing alcohol for cleaning electronics so that you can find your preferable one in a place and choose the best out of it. So, no more waiting. Let’s dive into it.

1. MG Chemicals Isopropyl Alcohol | 99.9% Anhydrous Solvent | Liquid

MG Chemicals Isopropyl Alcohol | 99.9% Anhydrous Solvent | Liquid
You want isopropyl alcohol for your own purpose, but if there is a product that can be used for industrial purposes as well, isn’t it amazing? Let’s find out!

The first thing to notice for this product is – it is safe for most plastics as well as elastomers. Most of the time, people are worried about the safety of applying rubbing alcohol on plastics.

Another amazing thing to know is that it has low toxicity, which is great because if you want something that would cause low surface tension, it has that capacity as well since it is less toxic.

You have known from here that 70 isopropyl alcohol requires more time to dry completely. But this electronic cleaner is giving you fast dry time, which is great as well.

Another good point for you is this rubbing alcohol 99 gives you zero residue, which is good news for most people.

Its 99.9% Anhydrous solvent is a good ingredient that removes the water and humidity that helps to leave the surface dry.

Most Liking Features

We love the safe for most plastics feature the most. Since you may be worried about applying most of the product out of the concern of safety and it can be diluted as well.

Probable Drawbacks

Though it has been said that it does not put any residue, there is some residue found after cleaning, which can be annoying for some people.

Key Features

  • It leaves zero residues.
  • Safe for most plastics.
  • Causes no surface tension.
  • It is fast drying.
  • It has low toxicity.

Final Opinion

Since everyone is afraid of using any fragile ingredients to any electronic device made of plastics, this product is free from the harms of plastics which has made it unique.

2. Vaxxen LabsIsopropyl Alcohol | 99% (IPA) | Medical Grade Concentrated

Vaxxen LabsIsopropyl Alcohol | 99% (IPA) | Medical Grade Concentrated
Are you the kind of person who believes in high purity-based products? If so, then this 99 isopropyl alcohol can be your best friend for cleaning electronics.

This isopropyl alcohol has a super high purity which makes this product unique from the others. Under this quality, it demands that with 99% purity, this product will work every single time you use it!

The good news about this rubbing alcohol is that it has USP-NF Medical Grade IPA, which has made this excellent. This means it is the product one actually needs to clean the surface.

Important to let you know that IPA is contained in the white room for the purity to be maximum. Here, you have to use gloves to use this product particularly said.

You would be amazed to know that it is a multi-purpose solvent cleaner that you can use in your home as well as for medical purposes, and it can be used as a sanitizer and equipment sterilization as well.

Most Liking Features

We are excited to say that we love its qualifying feature as medical-grade IPA and the super high purity for its use at home.

Probable Drawbacks

It can be greasy after application, and it may be a hassle to dry out properly, which is quite annoying.

Key Features

  • It has super high purity.
  • It is a multi-purpose solvent cleaner.
  • It is qualified as a medical-grade IPA.
  • A multipurpose cleaning agent

Final Opinion

The medical-grade IPA qualification is a satisfactory plot to give this product another point. High purity is also a great choice for those who prefer it.

3. Solimo 70% Isopropyl Alcohol | First Aid Antiseptic | Liquid

Solimo 70% Isopropyl Alcohol | First Aid Antiseptic | Liquid
If you are looking for the best alcohol for cleaning electronics that will clean your electronics as well as will be your first aid antiseptic, then this product is your lucky charm.

This 70 isopropyl alcohol has 70% alcohol which is safe for the electronics we have discussed before. So it is a gentle cleanser with a basic base as a cleanser. You don’t need to worry and hesitate!

Another important thing this rubbing alcohol gives you is that- it works as first aid antiseptic product as well. It means it is offering you to clean your electronics as well as to give you first aid support in minor cuts.

Being first aid support, it seems to be used on the skin, which would be safe as well.

This rubbing alcohol is less risky for its first aiding feature, which helps to prevent any kind of risky contact with the cleaner so that you can be tension-free while using.

Most Liking Features

We love its percentage, which is the basis for the electronics cleaner as it is safe in case of concerning harms.

Probable Drawbacks

It has no flip cap, which can be a bit disturbing for some of the people out there.

Key Features

  • It has 70% of isopropyl alcohol.
  • It can be used as a first aid antiseptic.
  • Safe product for both humans and devices
  • Applicable for most electronics cleaning

Final Opinion

If you are considering a cleaner that would have isopropyl alcohol of 70% as a basic and will do well in minor cuts and scrapes, then it would be a great choice if you ignore the flip cap thing.

4. RJ Chemical MFG ISOPROPYL Alcohol | 99% Strength | 100% Pure

RJ Chemical MFG ISOPROPYL Alcohol | 99% Strength | 100% Pure
All rubbing alcohol will do for only one thing in cleaning; it does not right. Rather if you want to clean your cosmetics besides your electronic devices, you are in the right place to choose.

This 99 isopropyl alcohol has a strength of 99%. So it is a bit stronger than the 70 isopropyl alcohol.

But the good news is that it has been claimed to be used in some of the sections, such as

  • Horticulture
  • Cleaning
  • Cosmetic
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Electronics and
  • Laboratory uses.

This rubbing alcohol is good for cleaning electronics as well as in other areas, which you can eagerly appreciate using in your surroundings. Under this category, we can say it is a multipurpose product.

One point is to be noted that this 99 isopropyl alcohol claims to be greater than 99.9% pure, and it is featured as 100% pure. Another thing to notice is it contains no water and additional additives as well.

Most Liking Features

It has a good strength to be used even in electronics, and it is greater than 99.9% pure, which many people love to use.

Probable Drawbacks

It can be toxic as the percentage of alcohol is too high to use. Besides, it does not smell like alcohol, and it could be dangerous use out of negligence.

Key Features

  • 99 isopropyl alcohol offers to be greater than 99.9% pure.
  • It contains no additional additives.
  • It can be used in horticulture, cosmetics, laboratories, etc.
  • An epitome of multipurpose use

Final Opinion

This product is strong as well as used in multiple sections, which can be a good choice to afford at once and used for cleaning electronics and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best alcohol for cleaning electronics

1. Can Isopropyl Alcohol be used in Xbox One?

Ans: Yes, sure it can be. Rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning electronics, and which device or edition you are using is not relevant. It can be used on Xbox One.

2. Is there an expiration date for rubbing alcohol?

Ans: Actually, the answer is NO. There is no expiration date simply because isopropyl alcohol does not expire. Rather it gets evaporated.

3. Can 99% isopropyl alcohol be used in cleaning bed bugs?

Ans: The answer is a big NO. You shouldn’t use 99% of the strength of isopropyl alcohol. You can use 70 isopropyl alcohol instead. It will do your work.

4. Would 99 isopropyl alcohol be used as a sanitizer?

Ans: No, 99% may be a bit harsh on the skin and can be dangerous on the skin. You can use 70% or less, which has the surety.

5. What should be used to dilute 70% rubbing alcohol for cleaning electronics?

Ans: The answer is water. It can be diluted with water. But for the best isopropyl alcohol for cleaning electronics, you can use 99% of the rubbing alcohol.

Final Words

alcohol for cleaning

You are living with your electronic devices, which you do not give any care primarily, and then you find those in a situation that gives you the ultimate headache. That’s our concern!

We are always here to get your back with your queries, and this article on the best alcohol for cleaning electronics is no exception to that. Choose the right one reminding your preference, and you are good to go!

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