Top 5 Best Carpet Pre Spray – : In-Depth Review & Comparison

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Professionally used carpet cleaners employ carpet pre-sprays, sometimes referred to as traffic lane cleaners. Before using a steam cleaner to shampoo the carpet, carpet pre-Sprays are used to break up grease, debris, and stains.

No matter what the type of carpet is or how severe the soiling is, there is a carpet Pre-Spray solution that will work for you. We always advise utilizing the optimum carpet pre spray for cleaning your carpets and thus ensuring cleanliness.

In this article, we’ll give you a broad idea about five top-quality pre-spray cleaning solutions for your carpets to look more professional than before. This will also include their most demanding features with their lacking also for having a good understanding of them.

Comparison Chart of Carpet Pre Spray!

BrandHoover Oxy SpotBISSELL Stain PretreatCapture Pre MistProchem S785Soap Free Procyon
Unit Count22.0 Fl Oz22.0 Fl Oz48 Fl Oz


104.0 Ounce


1.00 Gallon
Package Dimension2.3 x 4.35 x 10.8 inches 4.5 x 2.75 x 10.25 inches; 0.01 Ounces3.5 x 3.5 x 10 inches; 1.67 Pounds6.25 x 6.25 x 9.75 inches; 6 Pounds10.1×9.8×7.8 inches
Volume22 Fluid Ounces


650 Milliliters24 Fluid Ounces1 Gallons128 Fluid Ounces


Specific UsageStain RemoverUpholstery, CarpetRug, CarpetCarpetBottle

Best Carpet Pre Spray Reviews

Before shampooing with a carpet steam cleaner, pre-spraying with a pre-spray can help break up stubborn stains, grease, and debris. No matter the variety of carpet or the severity of the soiling, our suggestion will always be towards employing a pre-treatment first.

And for that, in this article, we’ve let you know about the five best pre-sprayers for deep cleaning your carpets with their features.

1.Hoover Oxy Spot and Stain Remover Pre Spray

Hoover Oxy Spot and Stain Remover Pre Spray
It will be a great choice if a carpet cleaning chemical comes with advanced and high-quality technology and Hoover Spot Remover cleaning shampoo contains such Oxy technology. It helps eliminate dust and debris with the finest finish.

This carpet cleaner is made with a fast-acting formula that works instantly when it is put into the carpets. It immediately attacks the stains, and any stains, like sauce, tea, scratch, etc., are instantly removed. Thus it can be said to be a great high-traffic pre-treatment carpet cleaner.

Besides, this cleaner is made in the USA with advanced quality performance. It leaves no stains on carpets. It does advanced cleaning on any type of upholstery or rugs.

Pros we like most

This carpet pre-treatment solution is eco-friendly and user-friendly. You can use this cleaning shampoo in any place without having a fear of causing harm to children or pets. Mainly, it is made with globally resourced ingredients that make it so user-friendly.

Cons to consider

This pre-treatment rug cleaning solution cleans well and keeps the carpet neat. But compared with other stain-removing solutions, this spot remover takes a little bit more price.

Overall, Hoover spot and stain remover rug cleaning spray is a must-have cleaning solution for every carpet. It gives a shiny look to the carpets after cleaning.

Key Features

  • Having advanced cleaning technology
  • Eliminates tough spots and stains
  • Suitable for any kind of use on any upholstery
  • Safe for pets and children

2. BISSELL Stain Pretreat | Extra Shine

BISSELL Stain Pretreat | Extra Shine
Do you want a vibrant and shiny finish to your rugs after cleaning? Here comes the BISSEL stain pre-treat spot removing solution that gives you a stunning and shiny look to your carpets after cleaning all stains and dust.

This cleaner fights against tough stains and debris and makes them loosen. Then after deep cleaning, all of these stains and dirt will automatically be removed. Plus, it is a good choice for every household’s upholstery or carpets.

Besides these, this carpet cleaning pre-spray not only cleans the carpets but also leaves an enticing fragrance on the carpets after washing away all dirt. So, this cleaner can be a great option for your carpets as the best pre-spray carpet cleaner.

Pros we like most

This pre-treatment carpet stain remover is especially constructed for heavy traffic areas and quick clean-ups for tough stains and spots that no other cleaner machine can easily remove the spots.

Cons to consider

This product works really very well, and every user has felt very convenient using this cleaner. But sometimes, this solution needs to be used a few times more than it is instructed.

But overall, if you wish to have a great stubborn stain remover from your desired rugs and also have a shiny look, we would recommend you to go with BISSEL spot pre-treat spray.

Key Features

  • Loosens the dirt and stains
  • Strongly fights against heavy traffic areas spots
  • Leaves an enticing fragrance
  • Good for every household use

3. Capture Pre-Mist Pretreatment | Multi-Purpose

Capture Pre-Mist Pretreatment | Multi-Purpose
The capture carpet cleaner is a saver for your rugs and upholstery. It removes spots and stains though they are old or new spots. Even it eliminates stinks and bad odors, leaving the carpet smelling nice. Plus, this fragrance lasts longer on the carpet.

Besides, this pre-treatment carpet cleaning agent is a solvent-free mist. Plus, it contains no harsh chemicals or bleach. So it is safe for children or pets like dogs, cats, etc. Even there, it requires no shampooing. Just breeze this pre-mist over the rugs and have a fresh carpet.

Moreover, this pre-spray solution is very easy to apply. You don’t need any professional help, and rather you can do it by yourself. Plus, it not only vanishes a bad smell but also leaves a nice and refreshing fragrance all over the carpet.

Pros we like most

Its easy application and convenient usage nature make it all our favorite and useful pre-treatment carpet cleaning solution. Besides, it is very safe and secure for children, especially for pet owners. It can also be safe in use with vacuums.

Cons to consider

Though this rug spot remover solution works as magic for rugs sometimes, it fails to work well in heavy traffic and messy areas, where some users found a little bit of disappointment.

Fine, in terms of productivity, we think no other rug spot and stain remover can defeat this pre-spray solution. It bears all of those features that a carpet pre-treatment mist should be.

Key Features

  • Convenient & easy to apply
  • Effective for especially pet owners
  • Amazing portability and spot removal power
  • Having no solvent or harsh chemicals

4. Prochem S785 Ultrapac | Extreme Professional

Prochem S785 Ultrapac | Extreme Professional
Prochem S785 Carpet Cleaner removes pet hair and stubborn stains from carpets. For such a reasonable price, it’s a wonderful deal. Power Spin Pet antibacterial brush roll loosens and collects hair from carpets and rugs.

This cleaner includes two new technologies, namely Nano technology and Hydro coating technology. These technologies ensure quick and complete cleaning. This carpet cleaning solution pre-treats difficult stains before they can be cleaned using carpet cleaner shampoo.

So, not only does the Prochem pre-spot cleaner act on the top of the carpet, but it also removes dirt and stains that have infiltrated the carpet backing. If you don’t remove all of the stains, they can trickle back to the surface and reappear.

Pros we like most

Over-wetting could damage the carpet or cause the colors to fade, but since it’s a powder, that won’t be a problem. A soft brush can be used to apply it to the problem region and wait for at least 30 minutes. While the particles are still wet, they soak up dust, filth, and stale odors.

Cons to consider

Though this cleaner works great, wet spills are not acceptable. Even for the greatest results, you have to use a new vacuum bag or a clean tube.

But in our testing, not only was it the most user-friendly option for revitalizing delicate or antique rugs, but it was also the most effective option for cleaning the pile of carpets.

Key Features

  • Advanced Nano & Hydro coating technology
  • Ensures quick & fast cleaning
  • Comes in a user-friendly powder form
  • Pre-treats difficult stains effectively

5. Soap Free Procyon | Wool Safe Pre-spray

Soap Free Procyon | Wool Safe Pre-spray
Sanitizing soft surfaces like carpets, sofas, bathroom woolen mats, mattresses, pet couches, and automobile seats requires a product that not only eliminates stains but also includes chemicals that destroy 99.9 percent of bacteria.

Soap-Free Procyon carpet sanitizer accomplishes both of these goals. This stain remover always performs well in tests conducted by the GH Cleaning Lab, and one of the things that we enjoy about it is that stains are eliminated, and materials are sterilized after keeping moist for only one minute.

Our professionals discovered that it is simple to rinse out the carpeting, which means that your pile will appear immaculate once it has been cleaned, and there will be no residue left behind while attracting grime. It can also be used without risk on woolen items and upholstery that can be washed.

Pros we like most

It eliminates odors along with organic stains such as urination, vomiting, and faeces thanks to the enzymes that it contains. Mostly it is tested wool safe and comes in a hand-held spray bottle that makes it convenient for use.

Cons to consider

It is costlier than the rest. Plus, to eliminate food stains, no claims have been made so far regarding this.

But however, this carpet pre-spray cleaning solution has numerous advantages that overlook its lacking and provide a nice and fresh carpet.

Key Features

  • Tested safe for woolen items
  • Comes in a hand-held spray bottle
  • Leaves no stinky smell
  • Safe for both children & pets

What is the best overall pre-spray for carpets?

What is the best overall pre-spray for carpets

Making water so saturated that it resembles soap-free water in viscosity is another technique for removing soils from the carpet, tile, stone, wool, and cotton. The unique molecular structure in All-Spray Molecular Magic lowers the water’s viscosity to make it as moist as soap water without soap!

Many professional carpet cleaners might not be aware of the special advantage that soap-free cleaners offer. After washing, soaps and surfactants, particularly anionic surfactants, cannot be completely eliminated from fabrics. Surfactants are also present in a lot of rinse agents.

A surfactant gets goopy and gummy when it dries. Rapid re-soiling occurs when soils adhere to the surfactant residue, allowing the carpet to become dirty more quickly.

All-molecular Spray’s structure incorporates soil ions! All-powerful Spray’s wetting chemical skips the neutralization process to remove soil without alkalinity.

How to pre-spray carpets properly?

How to pre-spray carpets properly

Before using a steam cleaner to shampoo the carpet, pre-Sprays are used to break up grease, debris, and stains. Pre-Spray carpet solutions can be applied to any type of carpet or rug, as well as to upholstery such as fabric couches and chairs and even the interior seats of cars.

These options make using a machine to clean carpets much simpler. However, you can occasionally omit this step if you’re in a hurry or are only walking over a tiny area of the carpet. Lightly soiled carpets will still clean up easily with decent carpet shampoo but always apply a Pre-Spray for an extra deep clean.

Pre-Spray Chemicals should be applied uniformly across the surface that needs to be cleaned. Before using a rug cleaner machine with your preferred carpet cleaning shampoo, agitate the carpet right away with a brush.

Before extracting with a carpet steam cleaner, do not let the Pre Spray solution dry. The key to ensuring that pre-treatment products are successful in lifting stubborn stains from carpets is to follow this advice.

After using the pre-spray, you should clean it right away or just give it a few minutes to settle and work without letting it dry. There isn’t much waiting time needed before the major carpet cleaning with your machine because the solution loses effectiveness as it dries.

Every six months, or more frequently, if spills and stains are caused by dogs and clumsy children, rugs throughout the house get benefit from a deep clean! Maintaining clean, dust-free carpets is particularly beneficial if any household members suffer from allergies to dust or other allergens.

Benefits of using pre-spray

Benefits of using pre-spray

Carpets are frequently damaged, and in busy houses, stains, spills, and other traces of daily life quickly accumulate. Pre-spraying carpets enhance clean-up while lowering the chance of over-wetting.

Every carpeted home will eventually discover that regular vacuuming is insufficient to maintain your carpets in their best condition. Additionally, the grime and stains are probably many times worse if there are pets or kids.

You have two choices to combat the consistent abuse your carpet is receiving: either hire a professional rug cleaning expert or do it yourself. Discover the benefits of each choice by reading further.

This decision may come to them quickly and easily. Either you enjoy cleaning and are willing to put on your latex gloves, roll up your sleeves, and get dirty. A commercial carpet cleaner will be hired without batting an eye because you detest the thought of cleaning. Here are some advantages to think about if you’re in the middle and debating whether to hire a pro or do it yourself.


  • Cleans the carpet comprehensively
  • Heavy soiling, bound dirt, and stains are easily removed thanks to micro-splitters.
  • Increases the efficiency of carpet washing with a machine
  • Decreases the risk of over-wetting using a device.
  • Minimizes the amount of time needed to clean with an immersion shampoo
  • Reduces the possibility of lifting dirt from the carpet underlay when cleaning.
  • There is a method that works with all carpet fiber types and amounts of filth.

Buying Guide of Best Carpet Pre Spray

Best Carpet Pre Spray

Full-size or portable pre-treatment carpet cleaners are excellent for thorough cleaning and old discoloration, but they’re not for everyone. Carpet stain removers can help in this regard. But for that, you’ve to know some tricks which can help you to get the best pre spray for carpet cleaning.

Type and Size

The type of carpet cleaner you’re looking for is the first thing to consider while shopping for one. There are advantages to each type. Cleaning a larger area with an upright or commercial vacuum cleaner is preferable, but a tiny, portable vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning up small spills or organizing the interior of a car.

In comparison to a vacuum cleaner, professional and righteous carpet cleaners will take up the same amount of space as a shelf or cabinet, so think about whether you have room for a comprehensive unit in your home.

Stain Pre-treatment

To get rid of stains that have been there for a while, you’ll need to use a carpet cleaning pre-spray or solution before shampooing. Pre-treating the region before cleaning is possible with some carpet cleaning sprays , which have a built-in capability that addresses the set-in stain.

So make sure first that your selected spray bottle has proper pre-treatment quality. Then it will work accordingly as per the instructions.

Quick Dry

Your perfectly clean carpet no longer has to dry overnight. All of the carpet cleaners on our list were able to dry our test carpet in two hours or less. To speed up the drying process, several sprays like the Hoover carpet pre spray incorporate a heating feature.

It shampoos when you pull the spray ahead and dries when you retract it toward you with heat. Before your guests arrive, seek carpet pre-treat cleaners that include an express clean mode so that you can clean quickly. Drying time is estimated at 30 to 45 minutes with this option.


The pre spray carpet cleaning solution should be versatile because it has to clean the carpet as well as leave the carpet fresh and nice. The carpet pre-treatment cleaning agent must remove dirt and wash away sticky stains.

The job of a pre-spray stain remover is not only to clean stains but also to remove bad odor as well as give the carpet a shiny and fresh look like before.


You have to carefully check the effectiveness of your selected pre-spray carpet cleaner. The effectiveness will be proved when the spot remover can work on any type of upholstery or rug, whether the rug is wool or any fabric made.

Plus, the rug cleaner must have the potential to work with children or pet owners besides carpet fabrics. Thus the selected rug cleaner will be effective for your carpet.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the function of a carpet pre- spray cleaner?

In a carpet cleaner, a liquid cleaning solution is first dispensed, and then a brush or spinning equipment is used to rub the carpet fibers in a gentle manner in order to remove as much filth as possible. After this step has been completed, the machine will be tasked with the responsibility of sucking the dissolved dirt, mud, and dampness into a reservoir that is already onboard.

Do carpet cleaners have the ability to remove stains from carpets?


Carpet cleaners may typically lessen or even eradicate stains caused by dirt, muck, food and drink, butter, oil, and other human fluids. Some stains may fade after a single treatment, whereas others might necessitate multiple cleanings. Special carpet cleaning solutions, such as those intended for pet stains, can be used to boost stain-fighting strength.

Is it possible to remove pet scents from carpets?

Yes, it is possible.

There are situations when this is the case. When it comes to cleaning a carpet, whether or not the padding beneath it has been affected by pet odor and staining is a major factor.

There is a good chance that cleaning the carpet fibers on top of urine-soaked padding will not be enough to eradicate the smell altogether. A carpet cleaning and an enzymatic odor neutralizer are the best ways to get rid of a stench from your carpets.

How can I get the best carpet cleaning pre spray?

For the greatest results, your carpet pre-spray must not leave behind any residue or smell. It’s important to look for a cleaning service that provides excellent customer service in addition to its high quality. Carpet spray penetrates the fibers of the carpet and forms a bond with any embedded dirt.

Final Words

We hope you found this article to be informative to get the best collection. When it comes to keeping your carpets looking their best or reducing dust, there’s a high-quality product for everyone. A pre-spray with more cleaning power is better than a weaker one if you have any doubts about which to use. If you’re going to use any kind of spray, make sure you vacuum first.

Have a nice cleaning!

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