Contour Bath Rugs

Best Contour Bath Rugs – Definitive Guide For 2023

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Perhaps you are looking for the best contour bath rugs to improve your interior. In contrast, some of you may search for more convenient reasons. Such as – the toilet getting stained, or maybe you just hate to step on a wet bathroom floor!

Whatever the reason, adding a U shaped bath mat might be in your best interest – even if you still have not given it much thought yet.

A U shaped toilet mat is a fluffy carpet to put around the foot of a commode. The mat has a semi-circular cut at the front for it to fit with the curvature of the toilet seat leg. It is far more appropriate than a regular rug to put in front of a toilet because of its form-fitting silhouette.

There are so many variations in the market nowadays. It can be a difficult choice, and we are here to make sure you are getting the one that is well-matched to your every need.

Best Contour Bath Rugs Reviews

We are quite certain by now that you are convinced to add contour rugs to your toilets. It can be a challenging job to find the one that would be the most suitable for you. But no need to worry!

We have tried over a dozen rugs and narrowed down a few that might be perfect for you. Below given a list of five  bath rugs that you must check out –

1. Yimobra Memory Foam Toilet Bath Mat U-Shaped

Yimobra Contour Bath Rugs | Velvety Feel | Color Variations

Give your feet that divine feel that makes you feel like standing over a cloud! It has the highest comfort along with super absorption capacity. With the soft velvet top layer with memory foam filling, you will find your feet warm and toasty.

The Yimobra Contour Rugs has a nonslip back to help you with slippery bathroom floors. It includes a 24×20.2 inches size, and the cut – deep 6.5 inches. Having a size modest enough will prevent your toilet floor from liquid splashes.

Comparatively, the velvet top of this rug has way softer textures than a Chenille fabric top, as the one Hills Point Industries Contour Bath Rug has. You can check our article on material for outdoor rugs.

Features To Be Excited About

The contour bat rugs have a variety of colors to match your bathroom interior. With the PVC bottom, it is also appropriate for the elderly and children! Its high absorbency keeps the floor and your feet dry.

Cons To Consider

Although it has a machine-washable feature, after a few washes the mat starts to show lint. But you can easily avoid this problem by handwashing it.

Key Features

  • Soft velvety feel
  • Nonslip bottom
  • Various color options
  • Easy to wash and dry

2. Gorilla Grip Shaggy Chenille Bath Rug Mat for Toilet Base

Hills Point Industries Contour Bath Rugs | Luxurious | Chic

Add a bit of luxury to your bathroom! If you are searching for a mat to make your bathroom more attractive, this one is the one for you. Its thick Chenille fabric helps to soothe your feet to the highest comfort.

The ultra-absorbency quality will make your feet feel dry and pampered. Not only that it is super comfortable, but it also has incredible durability. The strong rubber back on the Hills Point Industries’ mat makes it last for years!

Even though it has a grip at the bottom, we have observed that the Yimobra Bath Rugs’ backing is more reliable than this one.

Features To Be Excited About

The plushness is something you will be pleased to have under your feet. It is suitable for machine wash and drying, which makes it low maintenance for you. Its durable quality prevents the rubber backing to rip easily.

Cons To Consider

As it does not have a reliable nonslip bottom grip, it might be wise to not use it for children or the elderly.

Key Features

  • Luxurious quality
  • Strong rubber back
  • Plush material
  • Ultra-absorption capacity

3. Buganda Memory Foam Contour Toilet Bath Rug

Buganda Contour Bath Rugs | Anti-Slip Backing | Comfortable

The best contour bath rugs will make you forget all the tiredness your feet have. This soft and super comfortable mat filled with polyurethane memory foam will do just that! Including microfiber coral velvet as the exterior material.

It has an anti-slip backing to prevent the mat to slide around. Also, the rug has a fast water-absorbing feature to make your feet warm and cozy. It also helps to avoid stains and have a dry floor quickly.

The size of the mat is a bit larger than the normal size. It is 20×24 inches, which is convenient if you have a larger toilet. Also, the notch is suitable for numerous fits to different contours of the toilet leg.

This rug perhaps had the highest grip quality, when it came to testing the anti-slip backing among the other rugs in our product list. You can also check our article on the outdoor rug for rain.

Features To Be Excited About

The mat covers a larger area and gives you that spa-like feel! The high-quality and puffy memory foam provides supreme comfort for your feet.

Cons To Consider

The size might not be everyone’s favorite. As it covers a large area, it also gets dirty quickly.

Key Features

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Large size
  • Easy fit

4. Walensee Shaggy 2 Piece Bath Rug Sets (Grey) 20 x 24 U Shape

Walensee Contour Bath Rugs | Machine Washable | Durable

If you want to pamper your feet, this mat with 100% microfiber will give you what you need. When selecting a contour bath rug for your toilet, considering the material is the key. It also has a TP rubber backing, which is more durable.

Its fabric keeps your feet protected from the cold floor! The Walensee contour bath rug is 20×24 Inches. It is easy to clean and can be washed in the front loader. Also, it has a high absorption quality.

The size is somewhat bigger than the Hills Point Industries Bath Rugs’ size. Which can be a good thing if you have a spacious toilet.

Features To Be Excited About

This rug has a silky soft feel to it. Plus, its attractive design makes the bathroom look chic! Because of the durability aspect, it can be washed in the machine time and time again.

Cons To Consider

After using it for several months, the mat tends to matt where your feet step. So, that might require more careful use.

Key Features

  • Machine washable
  • Various colors and sizes
  • Soft and durable
  • Nonslip backing

5. ITSOFT Non-Slip Shaggy Chenille Toilet Contour Bathroom Rug

ITSOFT Contour Bath Rugs | Perfect Fit | Easy Maintenance

Tired of mats falling apart after a few washes? This contour bath rug is just the opposite of that! It can withstand hundreds of washes. Because of its fiber-locking mechanism, the mat is very sturdy. You will not have to worry about fiber-dropping.

The mat is made with a 3-layer composition – a special microfiber fabric on top, extra-soft foam in the middle, and a non-skid bottom layer. Every Chenille microfiber that you step on will make you feel like your feet are dipped in a cotton pile.

The incision of the mat is so perfect that it is suitable for all kinds of curves. This saves you from a major problem that many rugs have! The right fitting will prevent the rug from skids.

The Hills Point Industries Contour Bath Rug also has a Chenille fabric material as this rug. But, apparently because of the fiber-locking system of the ITSOFT Contour Rugs, it is much easier to maintain.

Features To Be Excited About

The 1inch Chenille pile provides the finest comfort for your feet. Including a high-quality PVC backing to resist slips. Plus, the mat has great absorbency, which will keep your floor dry and clean.

Cons To Consider

It has fewer color and design verities than other contour bath mats. Which can be a problem if you are trying to match it with your décor.

Key Features

  • Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for front loader
  • Super comfort
  • Anti-skid quality

Bath Mat Etiquette

Bath Mat Etiquette

A bathmat is an essential element of any bathroom. If you are someone who does not use one, you have no idea what you are missing! We have tried and found that there are a few correct ways to use a bath mat.

Right now, are you wondering if you are one of those people who use it correctly or not? Let us go through the steps of bath mat etiquettes and see if there is any similarity!

Dry Off Beforehand: Many people argue on the topic – whether you should dry yourself before or after stepping on the mat. Sure, drying off completely neglects the whole purpose of a mat.

However, if you step on it with dripping water, it leaves the mat soggy and wet. Which let us admit is kind of unpleasant. Plus, it leaves the mat appalling for the next person who uses it.

Do Not Leave a Wet Mat: If you ever found wet bath rugs or even a regular bathmat on the floor make sure to leave it in a dry place for it to get back to its crispiness.

Do Not Move the Mat: How would you feel if you just got out of the shower and found yourself standing on a wet, cold floor? Not great, presumably. It is wise to leave the mat in front of the bath area.

Otherwise, you might find yourself slipping on the bathroom floor. Do not believe you would want that!

How To Wash Bath Mats in Front Loader?

How To Wash Bath Mats in Front Loader

Bath mats or bath rugs might be one of those items in the household that goes uncared for the most. We often forget to clean it properly, after all the hard work on keeping our feet toasty. But molds can harbor in the mat if it has been ignored for too long.

When washing your bath rugs in the front loader, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to read the label. The label will let you know if it is suitable for machine wash. Follow the instructions accordingly.

If it recommends machine wash, do these following steps:

  • Keep your mats in the machine and choose a gentle cycle.
  • Set the water to a temperature according to the material.
  • Add the detergent to the machine.
  • If the mat already has mold, add a tablespoon of white vinegar.
  • After it has been washed, dry it thoroughly in the low-heat setting.

If your mat does not require a machine wash, lightly wash it by hand. It is more appropriate to wash a mat every 2-3 weeks depending on the usage. Some materials such as – wood, bamboo, plastic, or cork do not need to be washed that often.

Things To Consider Before Buying Contour Bath Rugs

Best Contour Bath Rugs

Right about now you must be wondering about the perfect mat for you or perhaps for your parents the best non slip shower mat for seniors to add to their bathroom. Before you start adding it to your cart, there are things you must keep in mind.

Below given a list of things you should consider before buying contour rugs –


Choosing the right material is the key to a good bath mat. There are bath rugs with microfiber, memory foam, cotton, plastic, rubber, bamboo, and so on. All of these have upsides but also have some downsides as well.

While materials like cotton, microfiber, memory foam are perfect for water absorption; on the other hand, plastic, bamboo, or rubber has low maintenance.


The proportion of a bathmat size to the bathroom size is important to keep in mind. A bigger mat might give you that spa-like feel, but if it is too big for your bathroom it might look tacky. Moreover, with a bigger mat comes higher maintenance issues.


A carpet in the toilet can brighten up the whole interior, but prioritizing the design might not be a wise decision. You must consider the features that are more suitable for you before buying contour rugs.

Rather than going for the pretty rug, firstly see if it is practical enough. Is it non-slip, is it antibacterial? Keeping that in mind will help you to choose a mat that will be useful to you.


Well, of course, who would want to buy bath rugs that might be an eye-sore? As practical as a mat can be, it would not hurt to choose one that will give your bathroom a new personality!

Adding a mat, coordinating to your décor of the bathroom can give you both functionality and that luxurious feeling!


Let us be honest, a bath mat does not have to leave you with an empty pocket. It is a pleasant addition to the house. That does not mean you need it to be an expense you would rather spend on something much more important.

You might need to change the mat after a while. So, it would be much easier to pick one that will provide the comfort and the features altogether.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Where to hang the bath mat to dry?

It is wise to hang a wet mat on a dry spot, otherwise, it might hold the moisture for too long and start harboring molds.

How to wash memory foam bath mat?

As far as you are concerned, most of the memory foam mats are machine washable. But before jumping to any conclusion, do read the label just to be sure!

Can you wash bathroom rugs with towels?

We would not recommend washing rugs with towels, as rugs can get pretty dirty. You would not want that to mix with your towels, would you?

How to place bath mats in the toilet?

Always make sure to place the mat on a dry clean floor to prevent slips. It would not be hygienic to do so anyway. After placing the mat, make sure to check with your feet if it moves so that no accident occurs.

Which would be the best shower mat for tile floor?

As tiles are a pretty slippery material itself, it is better if you use a non-slip mat. Using a regular fabric rug might cause slips.

Final Words

We are quite positive that you already found the best contour bath rugs to add to the cart after reading this article. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the choice! Your relaxed feet and clean bathroom will surely thank you for it.

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