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Best Jetted Tub Cleaner | Top 6 Models Reviewed by an Expert in 2023

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You may be exhausted after a long hectic schedule and feeling an intolerable muscle aching throughout the body. In this case, what can give you an instant relaxation better than a hydromassage in your whirlpool tub?

Yes, a jetted tub is designed in such a way that it can massage your muscle through a water jet system in the tub. In fact, the benefit of soaking in a jetted tub is huge, as an adult body consists of 60% of water.

Now the question is, are you using the best jetted tub cleaner to keep your tub clean and disinfectant? Usually, jetted tubs get clogged and infected quickly due to the body’s filth coming through warm water during the jet massage.

So, to give you the best cleaning experience, we have come up with a whirlpool tub cleaner list after thorough testing and analyzing the tons of real user experiences.

Let’s get started!

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner for Jacuzzis, Bathtubs, Whirlpools Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner for Jacuzzis, Bathtubs, WhirlpoolsCheck Price
Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner, The Most Effective Tub Cleaner Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner, The Most Effective Tub CleanerCheck Price
SpaKleen Jetted Tub Cleaner for Jacuzzis, Bathtubs, Whirlpools SpaKleen Jetted Tub Cleaner for Jacuzzis, Bathtubs, WhirlpoolsCheck Price
Jetted Tub Cleaner Easy, Safe, Concentrated Self Cleaning Jetted Tub Cleaner Easy, Safe, Concentrated Self CleaningCheck Price
Jetted Tub Miracle - Jacuzzi Tub Jet Cleaner, Whirlpool Bathtub Jetted Tub Miracle - Jacuzzi Tub Jet Cleaner, Whirlpool BathtubCheck Price

What Is A Jetted Tub?

What Is A Jetted Tub

Generally, a jetted tub is known as a whirlpool tub. People also know jetted tub by a famous brand Jacuzzi. However, A jetted tub is mainly designed for hydro-massaging through a jet system.

Tubs are powered by either air or water or both jet system to make a water-soaking therapeutic ambiance. By soaking your body in the tub, it can massage and relax your body muscle.

A jetted tub can provide warm water or normal water massage that totally depends on the user or the design of the tub. On average, 6-8 jets come in a jetted tub, and these are positioned in a calculative way so that they can massage throughout the body.

How to clean a jetted tub without bleach

How to clean a jetted tub without bleach

You may be confused if I don’t use bleach, then what else to use to clean jetted tubs. Don’t think too much about cleaning the tub without bleach. There are some household items that can clean the tub much better than bleach. Let’s start the process.

Stuff You Require

  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda (if needed)
  • Low-abrasive towel

Step 1: Fill with water

You must choose the hot water to fill the tub. Fill as if the water level should be above the 2-3 inches of the          jets in bathtubs.

Step 2: Mixing detergent

Take 2tbsp the liquid dishwasher detergent, or you can add the powder detergent. After mixing the detergent, you can also add a cup of vinegar to disinfect the tub. Vinegar will work in the replacement of bleach.

Step 3: Run Jets

Now turn on the jets and wait for 15- 20 minutes. After 15 minutes of cleaning, turn off the jets and drain the water.

Steps 4: Finishing

Again, fill the tub with normal water and again run the jets for 5- 10 minutes. Afterward, drain the water. If you find any hard stains still exist, then sprinkle baking soda on them and gently rub them with the towel.

How to clean a jetted tub filter

How to clean a jetted tub filter

If you regularly use a jetted tub, you know how important to clean the tub filter routine-wise. Basically, a clean filter ensures better filtration and keeps the tub clean and healthy. Thus, I have discussed some easy steps for cleaning jetted tub filters by yourself. Let’s get into it.

Necessary Stuff

  • Tub cleaning agent or baking soda and vinegar
  • Bleach (if needed)
  • Bucket
  • Toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloths

Step 1: Prepare the solution

Take a bucket of hot water and mix the tub cleaning agent. You should use the exact cleaning agent as the manufacturer suggested. Or you can use home remedies. In this case, mix vinegar and baking soda at a ratio of 1:3 and add a little bit of bleach to whiten the filter. Remember! Don’t mix bleach with the commercial cleaning agent.

Step 2: Take out the filter

Now carefully disassemble the tub filter. Before that, you make sure the jets and water supply are turned off.

Step 3: Remove visible dust

Now use a toothbrush to remove the visible dust and grime from the filter. You can also use the microfiber cloth to clean the dust.

Step 4: Soak the filter

Now soak the filer into the bucket’s solution. Leave it for soaking for 2-6 hours. If you clean the filter regularly, then 6hrs is good. If not, then soak it overnight. Don’t soak it too long if you add bleach or use a commercial cleaning agent.

Step 5: Rinse and Dry

Take the filter from the bucket and wait for draining. Now rinse off the filter with a considerable amount of water pressure so that it removes all residue. Now let the filter dry. Afterward, place the filter as it was on the tub.

Top 6 Best Jetted Tub Cleaner Reviews

This is the review section of these top-notch whirlpool tub cleaners. Here, I have shared the user experience and some optimum features of the cleaners so that you can easily come to a conclusion on which one would be best for you. Let’s dive into the review.

1. Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner for Jacuzzis, Bathtubs, Whirlpools

Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner for Jacuzzis, Bathtubs, Whirlpools
Getting the tub infected quickly is a common scenario for a whirlpool tub. It means you must go with a cleaner that provides septic-free cleaning, right? That’s how Oh Yuk Tub Cleaner comes first on the list.

The chemical formula of the cleaner is engineered in such a way it can break down the long-standing grime and filth from the tub. That means it can ensure a healthy bath from its every cleaning.

Besides cleaning stubborn dirt, it can also clean and remove the deposited body filth and other black flakes which are built up throughout the tub.

What I understand is it designs for all users. I mean, you don’t need a professional cleaner if you use the bottle. You just pour it into the tub with full of water and switch on the jets.

Now you are done! It can automatically clean the tub by itself and take a maximum of 15 minutes to give a fresh and septic-free bathtub.

If you ask me what features made it stand out from another standard cleaner in the market, I would say its quick result. Basically, it is a lab-tested cleaner, and afterward, its field test makes sure optimum result.

Feature We Like Most:

After pouring the cleaner, if you turn on and off the jet several times, you will see the magic. Each time, you will discover some new black flakes coming from the tub. So, you must keep it running for 15 min and make sure on/off several times.

Probable Drawbacks:

This single bottle offers only four cleaners which are quite costly in some cases.

Key Features:

  • Clean all dirt, grime, and build-up
  • Take 15minutes to make a proper clean
  • Easy to use; just turn on the jet and pour the chemicals
  • Give a freshwater massage after each cleaning

Final Opinion:

When you look for a standalone solution for your jetted tub cleaning, you are good to go with this product. In fact, it ensures a professional cleaning.

2. Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner, The Most Effective Tub Cleaner

Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner, The Most Effective Tub Cleaner
You might confuse after seeing the name of the cleaner as Hot tub cleaner. However, it is a hot tub cleaner that doesn’t mean it is not appropriate for the whirlpool tubs.

You can consider the cleaner as a tub cleaner as well as a water purifier. Besides removing the Yuk from the tub, it also cleanses and purifies the water level.

To get a proper clean, you must turn on the tub first, then add a 4oz chemical from the bottle. Now leave it here for 20-40 minutes. In the meantime, you should turn on/off the jet several times. In this way, you will have a proper cleaning.

I have clearly noticed that it not only eradicates the black flakes or other build-ups but also removes the plumbing dirt as well.

When I compare both the first and 2nd cleaner in the list, it shows that the first one takes a little shorter time than the 2nd one. And in terms of cleaning efficiency, the first one, Oh Yuk is the best jetted tub cleaner.

Feature We Like Most:

Besides cleaning the most visible and invisible dust, it also works for cleaning the pool filter. And after overall cleaning, you will have a sparkling and healthy tub.

Probable Drawbacks:

This is suggested only for personal tub cleaning and is not preferred for heavy-duty tub cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Works equally for hot, whirlpool, and Jetted tub
  • Takes 20-40 minutes to complete the session
  • Ensure a healthy tub after cleaning the dirt and biofilms
  • Take charge of the plumbing and filter cleaning

Final Opinion:

For cleaning a hot jetted tub or personal water spa, it is a great agent. However, it takes a little longer time but ensures a proper cleaning with sparkling water.

3. SpaKleen Jetted Tub Cleaner for Jacuzzis, Bathtubs, Whirlpools

SpaKleen Jetted Tub Cleaner for Jacuzzis, Bathtubs, Whirlpools
Are you looking for a Pro cleaning agent for your commercial graded jetted tub, then you are at the right spot? Now I am introducing a jet tub cleaner that will never let you down anymore.

SpaKleen is a USA-based manufacturer and has a good reputation for cleaning hot, whirlpool, jetted tubs, and jacuzzis. The formula of the cleaner is antimicrobial, so it is safe for use on every tub cleaning.

You would be wondered after seeing its deep cleaning. Its strong chemical composition can reach up to everywhere in the tub and break down all deposits, bio-films, and other sludges inside the pipe.

Besides that, you will get rid of any dirt, grimes, soak build-up, body oils, black flakes, brown sludge, and other similar substances. That means this cleaner is engineered in such a way so that it can ensure 100% cleaning from all of that.

When it comes to comparing SpsKleen with other standard agents in the market, I have seen that it is one step ahead of its counterparts. From short cleaning time to deep cleaning efficiency, none can beat it.

Feature We Like Most:

Interestingly, this pack offers a 10 cleaning, and there is necessarily no cleaning hassle at all. You just run the water and pour the chemicals and run the jets and wait 15 minutes, that’s all. If you see the specks of dirt floating on the water, then keep running the jet for some time more.

Probable Drawbacks:

This agent is not designed for non-jet tubs, and you won’t get a proper result if you use it on a jet-less bathtub.

Key Features:

  • Spakleen offers a 10 cleaning
  • Ensures a deep cleaning of the insides of the pipes
  • Removes all stuff, dirt, build-up, sludges, oil, flakes
  • Perfect for heavy-duty cleanings such as hotel or motel tubs

Final Opinion:

If you need a professional graded cleaner for your industrial tubs, then you can choose it. Besides that, you can use it for your personal spa or jetted tub.

4. Jetted Tub Cleaner Easy, Safe, Concentrated Self Cleaning

Jetted Tub Cleaner Easy, Safe, Concentrated Self Cleaning
If septic-free cleaning is your first priority while choosing a jetted tub cleaner, then you have knocked at the right place. The “Jet Tub Clean” offers a premium cleaning for all jetted bathtubs.

It doesn’t matter whether your tubs are Acrylic, Fiberglass, Enamel, and Chrome Surface-based; you will get uniform cleaning services regardless of the surfaces. And it serves the best cleaning for the mentioned surfaces.

You may be using a Jacuzzi and thinking whether it would be best for our Jacuzzi or not. I want to tell you that “Jet Tub Clean” is specially made for all whirlpool tubs to all jetted tubs or hot tubs. That means you can effortlessly use the agent on your personal spa tubs.

You may be wondering how “Jet Tub Clean” gets exceptional cleaner from its counterparts. Unlike Oh Yuk, it provides 8 premium jetted cleaning per bottle with taking the same time. And the price is quite reasonable for this bottle.

Feature We Like Most:

What I have noticed is that, besides removing all visible dirt like sludges, grime, black flakes, soap build-up, body oils, and other deposits, it can eliminate all contamination from the tubs. Alongside, it automatically cleans the plumbing lines and all that.

Probable Drawbacks:

Produces a huge bubble over the top of the tub. So, you must maintain the proper chemical to water ratio before pouring.

Key Features:

  • Preferable for all Jetted tub
  • Offers a premium 8 cleaning per bottle
  • Removes all dirt, black flakes, oils, build-up, and contamination
  • Compatible with most surfaces like acrylic, fiberglass, chrome, etc.

Final Opinion:

When you are looking for a premium cleaning agent at a reasonable price, this would be a suitable one. And it is considered one of the best whirlpool tub cleaners on the market.

5. Jetted Tub Miracle – Jacuzzi Tub Jet Cleaner, Whirlpool Bathtub

Jetted Tub Miracle - Jacuzzi Tub Jet Cleaner, Whirlpool Bathtub
Who doesn’t want a natural formula-based agent for tub cleaning? If you think like me and prefer a natural ingredient-based cleaning, then this one is surely for you.

Why I actually emphasize this cleaner over others is because of its non-harmful chemical composition. Generally, its formula comes with some natural enzymes based and is clean as like other chemically stronger agents.

Moreover, you will enjoy a sweet natural fragrance during the cleaning. Interestingly, the scent is so strong that it stays long after the cleaning. Thus, it can recommend this cleaner for commercial spaces like hotels, motels, and spas besides personal jetted tubs.

No matter what type of Tub you have own, it is compatible with all kinds of tubs like a whirlpool tub, Jacuzzi, jetted tubs, hot tubs, Spa and Kohler, and so on. So, within a single bottle, you can clean most of your tubs. Thus, it considers the most commercial pack.

Feature We Like Most:

What I like is their guarantee regarding customer satisfaction. They claimed if you are not satisfied with their cleaner and don’t get the expected result, then you will get the full refund.

Probable Drawbacks:

For some tubs, it won’t provide 100% jet water line cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Clean and disinfect your tub within 15 minutes
  • A single bottle offers 8 cleaning
  • Suitable for most of the jetted and other tubs
  • An unsatisfied customer will get a full refund.

Final Opinion:

If you need a maximum number of cleanings within a single bottle, this one is a perfect choice for you.

6. Quick N Brite Heavy Duty Hot Tub Cleaner

Quick N Brite Heavy Duty Hot Tub Cleaner
You may want a natural ingredient-based cleaning agent that ensures maximum cleaning. If so, then there is a better collection for your jetted tub cleaning.

What does it mean a natural ingredients-based cleaning? Generally, it has formulated from coconut oils. That means it has contained no toxic chemicals at all. Thanks to its natural-based formula that made it biodegradable.

If you have owned a hot tub alongside a jetted tub like a jacuzzi or whirlpool tub, this is the cleaner for your tub. You can use the same agent for multiple jetted-based tubs. Regardless of the tub, you will have the same cleaning performance.

Unlike other jet tub cleaners, it has emitted no smell after cleaning though it is made of coconut oil. This is the advantage you will have after using this one.

Feature We Like Most:

The cleaning process is simple. You just pour the chemical into the tub and turn on the jet. If you find and stubborn stain on the tub, then take the chemical into the towel and simply rub the place.

Probable Drawbacks:

Not designed for commercial spa cleaning tubs due to its limited quantity. However, this is suit for a single-use jetted tub cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Formulate from coconut oil
  • Applicable for multiple bathtubs
  • Doesn’t contain toxicity and is completely biodegradable
  • Doesn’t emit any toxic smells

Final Opinion:

Therefore, if you want an eco-friendly tub cleaner for your spa or jetted tub, you can consider this one. It will never let you down by its performance.

Buying Guide: Best Jetted Tub Cleaner

Best Jetted Tub Cleaner

You may be known almost everything about a tub cleaner. However, there are some points that remain hidden that you must look at while buying the best cleaner for jetted tub.

Don’t worry! In this section, I have put forward such factors for the cleaning agent that you should come across.


As tub cleaner is a chemical agent, it might contain some chemical factors that might harm you. You may weekly or fortnightly use a cleaner if it leaves any chemical substance that can harm anywhere on your body, especially on the skin.

So, you shouldn’t choose the cleaner that has such hazards to the human body. In this case, you should always prefer a less intense chemical product or fully natural-based tub cleaner so that you get less chemically affected.

Using Method

For household use, you must consider the using method first before confirming a tub cleaner. Why I am saying this is, a commercial property has expert cleaners, and they can go with any cleaner as they are well-known in the tub cleaning process.

I have seen that some tub cleaner has self-cleaning property. I mean, it can clean by itself; you just need to pour and start the jet and wait for 15 minutes.

However, some agent doesn’t allow you such an easy cleaning process, and it requires your intervention. I mean, you have to rub on the hard stain if you need proper cleaning. So, you must choose a cleaner that allows maximum cleaning conveniently.

Cleaning Duration

The cleaning duration of each tub cleaner isn’t the same. It is seen that some cleaner takes a long time and need expert intervention while cleaning. Generally, a premium jetted tub cleaner takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete the session.

For self-cleaning, 15 to 20 minutes is standard, but if it takes too much time, that would be a horrible experience for tub cleaners.

Fragrance Factors

Another noticeable thing I have experienced about the tub cleaner is their strong smell. Some manufacturer uses fragrance so that the smell should stay after cleaning. In this case, if the smell is natural or pleasant, then it’s good. But some cleaner emits a strong chemical fragrance that is quite bothersome.

So, you must consider smelly issues if you use the cleaner for your commercial jacuzzi tub because your clients might dislike the smell.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. Would this work on a bathtub without jets?

A. In this case, you must choose a manually cleaning agent. I mean, all jetted tub cleaners are designed for cleaning with jets. However, if you wish to use the jetted cleaner, then you must pour it into the water and make a natural whirl by yourself. And rub on hard stains with a microfiber towel.

Q. What to put in the bathtub to clean Jets?

A. A standard jetted tub cleaner is quite good for cleaning also the jets of the tub. In this case, fill the tub with warm water so that it reaches above the height of the jets. Now, pour the jets and wait for 15 minutes to clean completely.

Q. Can you use Oxiclean in a jetted tub?

A. Oxiclean is a kind of detergent and not specially designed for jetted tub cleaning. However, some Oxiclean products offer washing machine cleaning that is not the same as a bathtub. And I am not sure whether it leaves any chemical substance that might harm our skin, but it will clean the tub to some extent.

Q. How do I get black mold out of my Jacuzzi jets?

A. A regular cleaning process would be good enough to get all the gunk out of the jets. Don’t forget to fill the tub with hot water because tub cleaner works best to clean jets when it comes with hot water. Now run the jet and pour some of the best bio film cleaner for jetted tub, and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

Q. Can you run bleach through a jetted tub?

A. Bleach has the power to eliminate all the gunk and deposits of the jetted tub. However, bleach is not recommended for cleaning jetted tubs as it dries out the gaskets of the tub.

Final Words

Now you can take a deep breath for relaxation since you have found the best jetted tub cleaners. Therefore, you can easily clean your Jacuzzi or other whirlpool tubs with the right kind of cleaning agent.

And if you follow the guided procedures of cleaning and use the best cleaners, I hope you will definitely come up with a fresh and disinfectant tub after every cleaning.

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