Lift Chair for Sleeping

Best Lift Chair for Sleeping – : Definitive Review For 2023

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After passing a hectic day all of us dream for a great, comfortable sleep. As people say “If you sleep well, you live well”. Sleeping is something that has to be comfortable and enjoyable. But many of us can’t enjoy that comfortable sleep because of medical issues or any other reasons.

A lift recliner chair is said to be a great asset for comfortable sleeping. It is indeed has become very much popular among people, on top of that it is believed to be quite helpful in ensuring a better sleeping experience for people with sleeping issues which is great news for today’s world.

A lift chair will help you to get better sleep. Along with that, it can help to improve your different medical conditions like blood circulation. So, it is like a welcome relief to your body.

Providing the fact that there are so many lift chairs for sleeping or which are also known as heavy duty sleeping recliner prevailing in the market. It is hard to choose the right one. Well, this article will help you to find the best lift chair for sleeping. So, keep reading to find out that.

Top 5 Best Lift Chair For Sleeping Reviews for 2023

In this section, we will be demonstrating 5 lift chairs for sleeping which will make it easy for you to pick one.

1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

MCombo Lift Chair For Sleeping | Fabric 7040 | 3 Positions

Eight vibrating points around a lift chair with five intensities, sounds unbelievable for a lift chair, right? Well, no it isn’t. MCombo’s this lift chair is a combination of these features.

The lumbar heating function which comes with the lift chair surprisingly works with the vibration points separately.

The material of the lift chair is made of rich elasticity, silky smooth fabric and it is also anti-felting and anti-piling. This is why we found it much comfortable to use.

This lift chair comes with a heater and massage feature which will indeed be a great way of relaxation in your life.

Within the budget, this is a great deal. Also, if you compare this lift chair with the one from XRHOM which claims to provide the best functions within less budget, you will surely choose and love MCombo’s this lift chair.

Features To Be Excited About

Considering the price and the components that this lift chair offers, it is surely a great deal. The TUV certified motor with a lift mechanism made it easy for us to adjust the position as per our wish while using the chair.

Cons To consider

The USB ports that it comes with are only usable for lower-power devices which is pretty much disappointing.

Key Features

  • Stuffed with padding and headrest components
  • Built-in springs
  • Features two cup-holders
  • Budget-friendly

2. Mcombo Large Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

MCombo lift chair for sleeping | Fabric 7426

If you are looking especially for a lift chair that is perfect for someone with back pain or mobility issues, then this is the right one for you.

MCombo’s this lift chair provides a counter-balanced lift mechanism which proved to have a great positive impact on people with back pain or mobility issues.

From our experience of using this, it can be said that while assembling the chair you don’t need to follow any difficult steps so, it is less time-consuming.

The 4.7-inch extra footrest feature will be so much helpful for your body as well as your health because it provides additional support for your feet without eliminating the circulation.

This well-made lift chair comes with a remote control device which makes it easier than other ones to use without creating any hassle.

Features To Be Excited About

The large extended footrest with an easy assembling process and a newly designed remote makes it much comfortable to use for everyone and especially for people with medical issues.

Cons To Consider

It says in the description that, adjusting the lift chair will be easy. But we do not completely agree with that because it takes a lot of time to raise or lower the chair which is annoying.

Key Features

  • Ensures full-body support system
  • Best for someone with medical issues
  • Additional footrest structure
  • No spare tools are needed.

3. Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliners

Irene House lift chair for sleeping | Infinite position

Irene House’s this lift chair is a perfect combination of majestic materials which are breathable leather and sturdy formation. Along with that, this lift chair is easy to clean and also waterproof.

This lift chair is one of our favorites because the manufacturing process is formaldehyde-free which is actually a matter of appreciation. Another reason for us favoring this one because of its infinite position.

The spacious and extraordinary design of this lift chair will provide you convenient space to keep your small but necessary belongings in your chair, so, you can use them without even stepping out from your lift chair.

This can withstand a weight of 300 lbs. So, don’t worry whether it will be strong enough for any heavy-weight person. It will easily be of great service for everyone.

We have the experience of using all most all the models of lift chairs from Irene House. So, from that experience, we ensure that this lift chair is the most proficient one from every aspect

Features To Be Excited About

The outstanding manufacturing process and high-quality metal frame ensure long-term service and a comfortable experience.

Cons To consider

Though it is usable for people with overweight, people with higher might find it difficult to fit in or adjust.

Key Features

  • High-quality leather
  • Can be adjusted even in smaller places
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Excellent padding and lumbar support

4. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

CANMOV lift chair for sleeping | Overstuffed design

It is very annoying when the product you are using takes huge time only for installation. Well, you don’t have to face that trouble you choose this lift chair. CANMOV’s this lift chair only takes 10 minutes or less than that for installation.

This lift chair is a great combination of the best quality, enough durability, and great functionality, that’s why this one has become a part of our this list of best lift chair for sleeping.

On top of that, this lift chair will add an extra sketch to your interior because it comes in a very high-end style and is very fashionable.

After the awful experience of using Merax’s lift chair, we were scared to try this one. But using this one was indeed a wise decision.

Features To Be Excited About

Every feature of this product is quite good and stands and has met our expectation level. Especially its design gives compliment to the room where it will be kept.

Cons to Consider

It doesn’t provide any footrest extension and requires a lot of space to fit in.

Key Features

  • High functionality mechanism
  • Easy installation
  • Produces no sound or noise
  • Position can be customized

5. Power Lift Recliner EVER ADVANCED Lift Chairs Recliners

EVER ADVANCED lift chair for sleeping | Multifunctional

With 5 vibration modes and 2 massage intensities along with a special massage function, this lift chair will ensure that you can get the best relaxation experience.

What we love about this lift chair is the design which is very much well furnished and built professionally. So, it can be used not only for your home but also for offices or any other professional places and this feature makes it better than the previously reviewed product.

Also, it is great to use in the winter season perfectly because of its additional heating system.

PVC leather which is durable has been used to make this lift chair. So, we can say this without any confusion that the material is very rich and comfortable.

Features To Be Excited About

This lift chair can be extremely beneficial in any place because of its multifunctional features. And the fact that you can customize the power lift function effortlessly makes it much more exciting.

Cons To Consider

A bit heavy so difficult to move effortlessly and requires more time than other products to clean.

Key Features

  • Suitable for house and professional places
  • Made with top-grain leather
  • Great deal at a fair price
  • Additional massage function

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can People With Overweight Use Lift Chairs?

Yes. of course. Choose the correct lift chair according to your size. You’ll surely your desired one. And the lift chairs are very helpful and immensely comfortable for overweight people. Just make sure that you buy the one that can hold higher weight.

How Often Should I Clean The Lift Chair?

Clean your chair whenever at least once or twice a month. Dust for the functions of the lift chairs can be very bad. Even if the material is strain0resistant still you need to do the cleaning for its longevity. Inspect every material regularly to ensure that everything is dust-free.

How Do I Protect The Electronic Components Of The Lift Chair?

This is actually a very important issue. Protecting the electronic components of the lift chair is a must otherwise you will soon start to find difficulties. However, avoid water while cleaning the electronic components, don’t plug the chair during cleaning, choose a high functioning cord and protector.

How Do I Choose The Perfect Lift Chair?

Well, easy. First, list down your preferences then follows the facts we have written in the above section. If you follow this way you can choose the perfect lift chair for yourself.

Does The Lift Chair Come Fully Installed?

No. Actually, it is risky and hard to send the lift chairs fully installed. But the difficult parts and functions will be assembled and the lift which you will have to assemble, that is pretty much easy to do not panic about that. And you will be given a brochure where every instruction will be written, follow them and everything will be perfect.

Benefits Of Lift Chair For Sleeping

Benefits Of Lift Chair For Sleeping

Some major benefits of the lift chair have already been mentioned above. But there are some other benefits of these heavy duty sleeping recliner, let’s take a deep look into that.

You can keep your ultimate sleep chair at any position and use it completely according to your wish. If you want to keep it flat it’ll be flat, if you want to raise the position or up and forward the position, you can do that.

Basically, you can keep whatever position you want to keep, which is a great thing actually. Because not everybody is comfortable sleeping, in the same way, every day.

The most helpful feature of a lift chair is that it will make sure you can have a better and comfortable sleep regardless of your age or anything.

The greatest concern of this generation is that most of them suffer from sleep deprivation, lift chairs will help them to enjoy a decent sleep.

A lift chair is said to be of great help to improve back pain or leg pain, blood circulation, arthritis. People of old age who cannot have a deep sleep can enjoy a deep sleep with the help of a lift chair.

Also, if you have a smaller place at your home, a lift chair can be a savior for you because it doesn’t require a huge space to fit in.

Demerits Of Lift Chair For Sleeping

Demerits Of Lift Chair For Sleeping

Even though lift chair provides a lot of benefits but there are some drawbacks.

The lift chair doesn’t provide wider space like the bed. So, it can be hard or sometimes painful to sleep on that. Because of insufficient space, you might find it difficult to switch positions while sleeping. Also, you need quite a long time and much effort to clean the lift chair.

Types Of Lift Chairs

Types Of Lift Chairs

Generally, there exist three different types of lift chairs for sleeping which are basically distinguishable by the number of their position. Three types of lift chairs are-

Two-Position Lift Chairs

This is the usual type of lift chair, very much basic and easy features. A two-position lift chair is made of a reclining range of 45 degrees, which is not giant rather very basic. This type of chair can be used for regular things like sitting, watching television and things like these. They are in a way smaller compared to the other two types actually.

Three-Position Lift Chairs

Three-position lift chairs are somewhat bigger than those two-position lift chairs in size. So, for 5 minutes or a whole day napping session, sitting this type is an ideal one. On top of that, it is made of a reclining range of 180 degrees. Which imposes that you can position the chair at an almost flat stature.

Along with that, You will be able to stop or pause the chair at any position in between.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

These zero gravity, as well as full reclined lift chairs, are the most versatile ones. You can literally set the chair into a flat position and at a parallel position as well or you will be able to recline the lift chair at any position according to your wish.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Lift Chair For Sleeping

Best Lift Chair for Sleeping

Hundreds and thousands of lift chairs are available on the market, so going straight to the market and randomly buying one of the lift chairs isn’t a wise decision, we all understand that. What is wise is that check some features before buying a chair for sleeping.

We have put together some important factors or you can say some essential features which might help to find the best sleeping recliner lift chair.

Material Or Fabric

Lift chairs are usually made of breathable fabrics. For example fabrics like polypropylene fabric or Brisa fabric, duralux microfiber. These fabrics are extremely lightweight and heat laminated. So, it will remain cool and comfortable in the warm weather and durable strength is quite impressive.

So, checking the material is a must. If the lift chair contains the above-mentioned material then you are choosing the right one.


Lift chair’s size is an important feature to consider for ensuring your comfort level. Choosing the right size of the lift according to your body size and weight is essential because suppose you bought a lift chair that is not able to hold your weight then what’s the point of buying one, right? So, buy a lift chair with the quality of adapting your height and weight.

So, choose a lift chair that is not so small or giant as your height weight which will ultimately hamper your comfort level. Choose the one which is much spacious and allows you to be easeful and can accommodate your height, weight.


This is actually a very important factor which needs much attention. There are three types of lift chairs based on their position. All of them have their unique distinguishable feature. But not all of the features will be needed for you. So, first, decide what types of lift chairs you actually prefer and then buy accordingly.

Final Words

A lift chair is not merely used for relaxation, to the people with surgery or medical issues this chair is like an asset. For many several useful multi-functions, it has become so appealing. The above listed best lift chair for sleeping will help you to find your desired one.

In short, a lift chair can make your tiresome day much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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