How to Clean Bamboo Floors Without Streaks

How to Clean Bamboo Floors Without Streaks | Easy Tips in 2023

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If you are fond of newness in the case of floors of your house, a bamboo floor is a great idea for you. It is a marvelous alternative to your normal hardwood floor. It is known for its organic materials, sustainability, and eco-friendly behavior. It is also known for its potentiality and strength.

As you are going to clean it eventually, know that, streaks can be found after cleaning. If you already installed it into your house, now it’s time to know how to clean bamboo floors without streaks. I am here to help you to solve this tiny yet thinkable issue.

What is a Bamboo Floor

What is a Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is a plant from the grass family. People cut it, make stripes or strands, dry it and make flooring planks. There are three types of bamboo floors. They are-

Strand woven floor: This kind of bamboo plank is made by compressing the stripes together at excessive temperature. They are woven all together. It is the most strong, hard, and sustainable of all types.

Horizontal Floor: When bamboo stripes are attached horizontally for flooring, it is called horizontal bamboo floor. This type is comparatively famous because bamboo grains are visible more clearly in this.

Vertical Floor: When the stripes are glued vertically it becomes a vertical floor. Here, the strands are simple and grains are not visible there. It is comparatively thinner.

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How Does the Bamboo Floor Get Streaks

How Does the Bamboo Floor Get Streaks

There can be many reasons behind streaks are found on the bamboo floor after cleaning it. Your present cleaner can leave some residues on your floor. If a steam mop is used on a bamboo floor, it gets streaky and hazy. It can be the stayed dust, mixes with cleaner and, creates streaks.

There are also some natural reasons that your bamboo floor may seem streaky:

State of unnatural humidity, excessive usage of water on the floor can etcetera be reasons for having streaks.

The Usefulness of Bamboo Floors

The Usefulness of Bamboo Floors

You can find them in any shape, size, and finishes you prefer. Main two versions are – Natural Bamboo and Carbonised Bamboo or Smoked Bamboo. A carbonized bamboo floor is made by proceeding it into a carbonized oven. It is done to make the floors a shade darker than the normal ones. It is quite healthy and very flexible to use. It has the capability to bear any harm given to your floor.

  • It is good for all weather. No matter if there is excessive heat or frizzing cold or fluctuation of temperature.
  • This type of floor is durable and eco-friendly because it is a type of grass and that makes it renewable. Bamboos do not need re-plantation because their roots are already implanted inside, they can grow again.
  • You can allow growing it every five years, whereas normal wood takes almost 10 to 30 years.
  • As you can recollect bamboo easily, it makes it more available as well as less costly.
  • Your time will be saved if you choose to install a bamboo floor because it is a stable item and you don’t have to change it repeatedly and takes less time to look after it.

How to Clean Bamboo Floors Without Streaks

Clean Bamboo Floors Without Streaks

Bamboo floors are normally cleaned like any other normal wooden floor. An engineered and solid Bamboo floor is generally very generous, cost-effective, and super easy while cleaning

But when you face streaks and dullness, it does not feel good. So, be cautious and learn how to clean bamboo floors without streaks.

You can use many products to get rid of the streaks. Such as vinegar and water together, Bona hardwood cleaning products, pH-neutral wood-floor cleaners with a microfiber mop, Pine-sol (only on a fresh bamboo floor).

I will describe the cleaning process with vinegar and water.

This is the easiest way to clean bamboo floors without streaks. But when you use the cleaning products or anything chemical step 1 should be checking, if this product is suitable for your bamboo floor or not.

Step 1

Collect an appropriate amount of vinegar and water. Use diluted, distilled white vinegar. The ratio of vinegar and water should be 1:4. Warm water will be better.

Step 2

Keep a damp sponge or a microfiber mop or wrung dry rug to wipe your floor.

Step 3

Mix the vinegar and warm water together. Put the mixture in a spray bottle or you can keep it in the bucket.

Step 3

Take the sponge and plunge it into the mixture and wipe your floor. In case of spraying, mist the floor nicely and wipe it slowly with the dry mop or rug.

Step 4

Let it dry completely and restore its brightness.

It needs an extra mention that, try to keep the room humidity level between 50 to 55 percent. 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit room temperature is good while cleaning the bamboo floor. This is not absolute but it is utilitarian.

Some Tips for You to Maintain Your Bamboo Floor

Some Tips for You to Maintain Your Bamboo Floor

  1. Avoid Murphy oil soap on your bamboo floor because it leaves cloudy hazes rather than cleaning them.
  2. You should never use a steam mop on your bamboo floor. Bamboo absorbs the moisture and it makes them distort.
  3. Do not use excessive water.
  4. Make sure that your cleaning products are surely designed for bamboo floors.
  5. Ammonia is dangerous for your bamboo floor. Never use a product with ammonia, or acidic products, or abrasive cleaning items.
  6. Clean away any tiny or large spot, dirt, or spills on your floor just when you notice it.
  7. Use soft bristle brushes regularly while cleaning the pet hair or dust.
  8. Be aware to clean your whole floor on a daily basis. Keep this practice ongoing.
  9. While moving heavy furniture or anything be conscious and try not to make a stretch. Use stretch protector pads.
  10. Use the right amount of cleaner and vinegar while cleaning.
  11. Keep the dirty shoes away when you clean the floor.
  12. Furnish oil, waxes and other polishes may leave streaks on the floor. Be aware of using them.

How to Clean a Bamboo Floor : Home Cleaning

Final Words

bamboo floor

Bamboo floors are getting extremely famous among people day by day. Natural, rejuvenated, carbonized bamboo floors tend to be gorgeous. Every advantageous thing needs caring. So you have to maintain your floor constantly. Otherwise, you will have to be content with the streaky floor.

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