How to Clean Exploded Glass in Oven

How to Clean Exploded Glass in Oven? Detailed Guide for Beginners in 2022

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Imagine you are baking a cake for a birthday party. You make the cake pouring your lots of hours of work, and you give it in the oven.

Suddenly you hear the sound of glass shattering inside the oven. Maybe it is the oven glass, or maybe it’s the glass of Pyrex. Needless to say, anyone would have been pissed!

God forbid it doesn’t happen, but if it does, learning the necessary steps of how to clean exploded glass in Oven is important!

Do not worry!!! I have got you! With simple few steps, you can clean the whole thing and get back to baking the delicious cake for your loved ones.

Why Does any Glass explode inside an Oven?

Why Does any Glass explode inside an Oven


Any material exposed to heat expands and contrasts. When a glass experiences temperature changes rapidly (like a freezer to an oven), something called ‘Thermal Shock’ happens.

Different sections of glass may contrast or expand differently, resulting in a shattering effect. Thus, you should never put any object inside the oven directly out of the freeze.

Why Does an Oven Glass Shatter or Break?

Why Does any Glass explode inside an Oven

The majority of modern ovens use tempered glass, which is a type of glass manufactured at extremely high temperatures and rapidly cooled. It makes it 4 times stronger than any other normal glass.

However, the tempered glass may explode when it is exposed to continuous stress. What makes it extremely difficult to take steps to identify before it happens is that micro-cracks aren’t always noticeable, which is the reason it often breaks down into tiny pieces.

How to Prevent Oven Glass from Shattering or Breaking?

How to Prevent Oven Glass from Shattering or Breaking

There is a saying- “Prevention is always better than cure.” So, it’s better to make sure you don’t have to take the burden to go through all the necessary steps, which can be avoided by being a little cautious. There are a few things you can do to prevent an oven glass from potential damage:

  • Don’t slam your oven door
  • Don’t slam your oven door using any kitchen utensils
  • Don’t close your open door without making sure all oven racks are in the right place
  • Use recommended glass cleaning product according to your oven’s specs

How to Clean Exploded Glass in Oven?

to Clean Exploded Glass in Oven

One simple thing to keep in mind is you need to have 100% attentive before going into detail on how you can easily clean the exploded glass in the oven.

Make sure you have unplugged your oven for safety reasons. As it’s a sensitive task, any slightest misstep may cause significant damage to your product. The steps are listed right below in order:

  • Make sure children and pets are at a safe distance from the place.
  • Wear a pair of gloves and glass to ensure your safety. IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  • Clean inside the oven thoroughly with a towel. Make sure you do not miss any spots with it.
  • Use a light or Phone’s flash to recheck if any pieces of glass you have missed
  • Use some very soft bread to clean the surface of every inch of the oven. What it essentially does is cling little pieces of glass if anything is remaining
  • Take it in a very dark corner and flash some light in it. Little pieces of glass should reflect light if any of it remains
  • For double safety, use a vacuum cleaner at medium speed and clean the inside of the oven thoroughly.
  • If you still have doubts, it is, therefore, highly recommended to get it checked by professionals, just in case.

Why Cleaning Exploded Glass is so important?

You might have done all the cleaning possible from your own end. Still, you might find little pieces of glass after you bake anything. You obviously don’t want to find a piece of glass in your food, and not to mention, it might cause some critical health issues for you.


In this segment of the article, I have tried to answer some frequently asked questions. Let’s jump right into it.

Q. Can ovens explode?

Ans. Even though Modern gas ovens have safeguards to prevent explosions, they certainly may explode If gas leaks and creates an explosive gas mixture.

Q. Why do I smell gas when I turn on my oven?

Ans. There may be some gas flows before the pilot light the igniter and gets the gaslighted. This sometimes happens to typical gas ovens and gas stoves.

However, if the smell is really strong, it is recommended to get it checked by a professional appliance service provider. A strong smell indicates you may have some leaks that could be dangerous.

Q. What to do if you find any microcracks in the oven?

Ans. It might be on the brink of being totally shattered. So, be careful when you use it, and it is highly recommended to get it checked by a professional as soon as possible.

Given the circumstances, most of the time, micro scratches aren’t visible at all. However, in a very dark room with your flash or torchlight, you might be able to see if there is any.

Q. Gas Oven vs. Electric Oven: Which one Is best for me?

Ans. Well, it depends on so many factors like cost, efficiency, and practicality. A gas oven provides a moister compared to an electric oven. This is quite helpful for certain dishes like meat.

On the contrary, an electric oven provides drier heat which might be helpful if you need it when you are baking to make something crispy.

The gas oven is cheaper in the long run, but it does require special installation, whereas an electric oven needs just an outlet; however if you live where electricity is an issue, you should take that into consideration too.


Clean Exploded Glass in Oven

Glass breaking is a common phenomenon. Almost everyone has faced it in their lifetime. Thus, do not over-worry yourself.

I know it is stressful to clean, and if the glass door is shattered, all the steps might be overwhelming. However, if you keep just keep your mind calm and follow all the instructions on how to clean exploded glass in oven, you will get it!!! Best of luck!!

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