How to Clean Plug Prongs

How to Clean Plug Prongs? Different Ways Explained for 2023

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Chances are you have a ton of electric appliances at home, and those obviously come with power cords or plug prongs. It’s not a great sight when you notice a considerable amount of dirt on your plug prong, right?

Especially if those power cords haven’t had a trip to the cleaners for decades or years, but I am here to help you out with that, let’s learn how to clean plug prongs.

No one likes to clean plug prongs in today’s digital world, and let’s face it. It’s an undeniable ugly truth that is present among our generation.

But to those who really want to learn how easily you can clean plug prongs, this guide is for you. I will go over the common utility of power cords and how you can clean them properly and efficiently.

You often find these power cords in narrow corners of the room where dirt collects, and they can become easily prone to particles such as dirt and dust.

Why is there a need to clean plug prongs?

Why is there a need to clean plug prongs

The most obvious and glaring reason is that dirty power prongs are a representation of poor hygiene and the lack of sanitary practices conducted with your appliances.

Imagine a guest walking into your home and what draws their attention are those dirty power cords. It doesn’t leave a good impression, does it?

Think of this as a maintenance practice, and you’re caring for it so that it functions better and gives you long-lasting performance.

Dirty plug prongs can soon lead to become corroded and end up totally nonfunctional, which will leave you with an electrical appliance that will completely stop functioning, and you wouldn’t want that, right?

One last problem you might encounter is that these dirty prongs will compromise the ability of the cord to receive or transmit power.

Know-How To Clean Plug Prongs

Know-How To Clean Plug Prongs

Now that I have gotten all the necessary information out of the way let’s learn how you can easily clean your plug prongs, so you can admire the glory of shiny and clean power cords.

Precautions to take before cleaning these plug prongs

Yes, you all are very eager to clean your plug prongs, but it is equally as important to take some necessary precautions so that you don’t get fatally hurt in the process.

1. Never leave in plugs connected to the power source for a long time because they will have burn marks.

2. If your plugs become deformed or de-shaped due to throwing away the prong, then consult an electrical expert to help you out.

3. Don’t attempt to clean exposed or damaged wires that are closer to the plug pongs because they might induce a spark.

4. Don’t attempt to clean a very old power cord because there might be a risk of a fire hazard.

Method 1

With this method, you are going to use a wet solution to clean the plug prongs. Here is what you need to do

1. You will need to add dish detergent and warm water to form a soapy yet effective solution.

2. Keep a sponge at the ready because you are going to need it.

3. Use the sponge to soak up the entire solution and run it across the prongs and the cord to get it completely clean.

4. Once you are done with the sponge cleaning part, you will wipe any residual moisture left by the sponge.

Method 2

This second method is a bit more involved and detailed compared to the first one but lets me tell you, it is mighty effective.

Here is the step-by-step process of this method

1. Start off by dusting your cord or prongs with a duster or cloth, and what that will do is completely eliminate any dust or foreign particles and debris.

2. Now to create a solution for this method, you will need 2 tablespoons of baking soda in some water and use a sponge-like I discussed with the previous method.

3. Repeat the process again and again until you have reached every little nook and cranny.

4. If you see any dried-up paint splatters, the best tool to use for that is a spoon or a butter knife. Sometimes the area becomes insanely dry, and for that, you have to wet a paper towel and dip it into an acidic solution to get it off cleanly.

5. Toothbrushes and small brushes are great to use for these kinds of tasks because they allow you to reach incredibly small corners and areas.

6. Once the process is complete, use any cloth or fabric to clean off any remaining baking soda or acidic solution, and your plug prongs will be good as new.

Once you have completed this entire process, you can use a WD-40 on it.

What not to use?

With the things that I mentioned you could use, there are some things you should avoid using when cleaning your power cords, and those include:

  • Any type of solvent
  • Alcohol
  • A very strong acidic solution

Using these items is not recommended because they will actually interfere with your power cords and, in some extreme cases, may even end up damaging your power cords, so do be careful of that.

The Final Words

To Clean Plug Prongs

It looks like I have reached the end. Now you know How to clean plug prongs. It’s that easy, and it is no rocket science to get your head around. Good-looking and sanitary plug prongs are a game-changer, imagine having so many appliances at home and all of them having clean plug prongs, it will only end up leaving a good impression about your cleaning practices, and you will be appreciated for that.

It’s also a good practice for maintenance of your power cords, and it will help them last a lot longer than usual. That’s it for this guide, and I am certain you have enjoyed it. I will see you in the next guide with more useful tips and tricks.

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