How to Clean Unsealed Tile Floors

How to Clean Unsealed Tile Floors? A Step by Step Guide for 2023

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Before starting the topic, I am going to give you a reality check. Put on your seat belt, let’s start; just think that you have visitors in your house; what do you think they first notice after entering your house?

Ummm, is it the floor? Yeah, I am pretty sure the cleanliness of the floor is the first thing they will notice. What if your floor tiles are unsealed that easily get dirt, grit, and grime into tiles?

Oh no! So embarrassing, right? No worries, Knowing the simple steps of How to clean unsealed tile floors, saves you from such disaster.

So, don’t be fret about the unseal tile floors. I am going to provide you with the easiest ways to clean your unsealed tiles throughout the article.

Let’s jump into it!

Methods of cleaning unsealed tile floors

Methods of cleaning unsealed tile floors

If you are a cleaning person, make sure you have a spray bottle in your house. Now, all you need to do is pick your cleaning solution and put that in your spray bottle.

Do you have any cleaning solution at home, or have you now realized that you finished your cleanser? Now run and bring another one.

Now you will say no, I don’t have time to go to the store and buy another cleanser at this moment.

Here I am suggesting that you can use bleach. Wait here; there is a suggestion for you. Don’t use bleach as a clean solution directly.

If you already thought to use bleach directly on your tiles, Ah Ah! Erase this thought, fellow; you are going to make the situation worst.

So here is my life-saving tip mix some water with bleach. Do you want to know the ratio of the mixture that has to like (Water 5/ Bleach 1)?

Get ready to start the cleaning. Go straight to the place where your tiles are dirty. Ugh Right! I promise this is the last time you are going to show the dusty, dirty tiles for sure.

Where is the towel? Uh, yeah, you need a towel; sorry for not mentioning it before. So, go bring a towel and start sweeping the tiles.

Now take a look if extra debris is gone!

Moving forward to the next part, this is the main part of your tiles cleaning. Where do you keep your spray bottle, huh?

Spray on the tiles. Let me know when you have done it; I am waiting.

Okay, do you spray? Now, tell me, how do you do it?

Do you spray enough that covers the area of dust?

Do you spray enough that covers the area of dust

I hope that you spray on the tiles properly. Hey, now watch your clock for a few seconds. Tik Tok Tik Tok!

Your time’s end. It’s time to scrub. GO, go grab a sponge here, now scrub it on your tiles.

Hey, hey, wait up. Not so fast; do it gently, dear. No hurry, cause your efforts are going to pay off, dear.

Now, for the last process of cleaning, you need to clean the tiles with a clean towel.

Ummm, what is the result? Okay, it is clean and shines like new?

Yahoo, you are done with it.

Wait a second. Don’t be sad if the first clean does not give you the ultimate result.

You have to keep faith in me. Pull your energy back, you man, and repeat the steps 3 or 5 times until the dust has been gone. 

Uhhh, wait, you also need to change the cleaning towel if that becomes damp.

Your last and final matter to concern is that the tiles area that you are just done with cleaning has to be well ventilated for 2 days.

Now you will say you can’t wait for that long. HAHA, obvious, who doesn’t want the feeling of walking on a clean tiles floor.

If you don’t want to wait for that long, all you can do is run an exhaust fan for several hours will help you to dry the area.

Another process

to clean unsealed tile floors

What happens if you don’t have grout and cleaner to clean the tile? I am going to share you with a secret of homemade tile cleaner.

I hope you have baking soda and vinegar in the kitchen. 

So, bring the baking soda container and pour baking soda over the tile area; wait for seconds there.

Now you have to spray there the white vinegar. Hey, don’t move from there. Do you see some bubbles over the place?

Don’t panic! This was just a mild chemical reaction. Now, wait there for 10/15 minutes once the chemical reaction stops; now, you need to scrub.

Start scrubbing. Once done with it. Clean and dry the place. Boom! Your tiles look so shiny and clean, Wasn’t it?

Who won’t be happy if their tiles shine like it as before it was new? So, this is the process of how to clean unsealed tile floors.

Additional tips

If you use bleach as a cleaning product, then you have to remember that if you don’t use it properly, then your tiles can get discoloration.

So, try out some mild product or use it with water.

 Also, if you follow the 2nd process, you should have a proper ratio/quantity of baking soda and white vinegar. Because your wrong use of the process can make your tiles look worst than unclean tiles.

Final words

clean unsealed tile floors

How important to clean the floor? Do you have an idea? Just think your floor tiles are unsealed and not properly clean for day’s dirt, grit, and grime can easily catch on the floor.

Later what will happen? It will cause slips and falls.

Here I gave many methods of cleaning your unsealed floor. What is your thought about cleaning tiles now?

Isn’t it easy? You can now easily clean your kitchen tile grout and your washroom floor. After your cleaning is done, you will see the difference so far is amazing.

But uh uh, you also have to regularly clean your floor. You will be happy to know here that I provide proper floor cleaning that has long-term benefits.

So, you now know how to clean unsealed tile floors, so go and try it out and give your opinion regarding my cleaning process.

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