How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains on Car

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains on Car? Definitive Guide with Video in 2022

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If you haven’t cleaned your car for a while or you cleaned it but you notice white spots and cloudiness are still on your car, this content is for you.

Your car’s window, car paint, and metallic portions can be affected by these spots. The spots can be so hard that you cannot clean them with your normal car washing method.

They are called hard water stains. If you are not knowledgeable of how to get rid of hard water stains on car, it is high time you learned it.

Don’t be tensed! I will help you to get through the process by showing you some causes, effects, and methods to get rid of these stains.

What is a Hard Water Stain?

What is a Hard Water Stain

The white rigid spots and haziness you can notice on your car’s window, metallic surfaces, and car paints are hard water stains.

Why Does Water Make Stains?

Water contains metallic ions like magnesium, calcium and other similar substances. These are called minerals. When the glass, metals, painted surfaces come in contact with the water, eventually the water evaporates and leaves the leftover minerals on them. These minerals, specially the magnesium and calcium minerals piled up and makes a stain on the surface.

Eventually, the stains become very hard and strewed that they get too tough to clean with normal procedure. They build up themselves over the surface of the glasses and metals of any place, making the surface look dusty and cloudy. They are called hard water stains.

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The Ways Your Car Can Get Stained

Rain can be a big factor. You may catch rain while driving on road, or if you accidentally keep your car outside without a rain car-coat, your car faces the hard water.

While cleaning the car if you do not let your car dry properly, water stains may have a chance to settle down.

If your car is sprayed by a nearby sprinkler continuously and you are not aware of it, the sun bakes the water spots after drying on its own.

It can be the mist, dew drops, evaporation of the environment, moisture, and so on. There are many ways that your car faces cohesion with water and gets stained as well.

Effects of Hard Water Stains on Cars

The way, the other objects get water stains, your car gets them in the same way- “By the leftover minerals”. But the fact you need to know is how they damage your beloved car.

Water spots make the car front glass and windows look dirty and oddest. Hard water stains placed on the car paint, make the car look old from the outside. The spots gradually become deep and create layers over your car paint during summer.

By etching into the clear coat, they damage the car paints. If you do not take any steps to clean them immediately, it can be a reason behind tragic accidents or nearly harmful for you. So you must clean your car’s stains as soon as possible after noticing the cloudy hazes on them.

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains on Car

Get Rid of Hard Water Stains on Car

Car is a valuable and sensitive luxury to keep. So it is said, protecting your car is protecting yourself.

Hard water stain is the most common problem for car owners. There are many preventive and curing methods. People use both domestic and formal cleaning measures to get rid of it.

You may not get a perpetual solution to get of these stains on cars because your car will have contact with water continuously. But if you know how to prevent it for a long time, this is going to help you for sure.

Car wax

Car wax is a preventive measure that you can rely on. It removes the hard water stains. Waxing your car will prevent future stains too.

It will prohibit any compound that comes across your car’s surface from outside. Your coating, car paint will remain safe underneath the wax. This is a quite famous way to remove stubborn spots.

Hard water stain remover Clay

Hard Water Stains on Car

Using spot remover clay is a preferable way to get rid of hard water stains on a car. You can find the clay in every shape and size.

  • First, spray the spotted surfaces with speed shine.
  • Grab the clay and rub it on the surface.
  • Then do scrubbing all over it with a waffle pad or a rug with a zigzag on it. This will help to remove both the peaks and valleys of the mineral deposits.
  • Wait for some time then wipe with a dry towel and see the difference.

There are many available and cheap products in market that you can use like-

Lime A- Way, Hard water stain remover by bio-clean, Hard water stain remover Clay, CLR, Bar Keeper Friend- Spot remover, MDR-mineral deposit remover, etc.

They are very budget-friendly and you can find them in any grocery store. But in my opinion, the Lime-A-Way does the best job for cars.  The cleaning process using these products is quite the same and easy. You can clean the windows first then move to the surface.

Step 1

Take a rug or towel and pour the product on the rug.

Step 2

Apply it onto the window surface. Blot it gently over the stains.

Step 3

Wait for some time like 5 to 10 minutes. Let the products do their magic.

Step 4

Then take another clean rug and rub the surface again. You can see the difference. Stains will be removed hopefully. Do it all over your car paint and the rest of the surface in the same way.

Step 5

After you have removed all the stains rinse your car with water thoroughly. Let your car dry fully.

If you are dealing with the most stubborn taints, you can try the wheel cleaning acid, only to the paints of your car, not to the windows. This will definitely be the best friend for your car.

Now there are some homely measures that you can take.

Vinegar and water

  • Take a spray bottle
  • Take distilled vinegar and water, mix them into the bottle in a ratio of 1:2
  • Spray on the spots of your cars.
  • Wait for some time, let the minerals absorb the oxalic acid, and react.
  • Then you have to get a sponge or mop to scrub and wipe the places with stains. The spots will be removed hopefully.

You can use it both at windows and paints. It is not the best one, but if you cannot go outside to buy new products, this will save your day.

Things you Need to Keep in Mind

  1. First of all, you have to be careful about places where you park your car. If you notice any water stain, clean it and then use your regular method. Do not delay to get the stains hard.
  2. If you do your car cleaning by yourself, you have to keep all the stuff collected together. From spray bottle to wheel cleaning acid all have to be on your fingertip.
  3. Use gloves and glass while working with chemicals and acids.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains on a Car – The Easy Way

Final Words

Water Stains on Car

If keeping your car shiny and speckles is one of your priorities in the cleaning routine, I hope this description will give you the boost. Now you have both motive and idea of how to get rid of hard water stains on car, it is time to get back the shine of your car as it was before.

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