How to Keep Dog Off Carpet

How to Keep Dog Off Carpet? Easy Method Explained in 2023

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If you are a sensible dog owner at the same time very fond of carpets, you are probably in danger. I am sure you are worried that your dogs can make your carpet dirty by peeing, pooping and doing other stuff. So you must know how to keep dog off carpet.

Not many people have house-trained dogs with them. Along with carpeting, it becomes difficult to pet a dog. Even if your dog is trained, some occasional accidents can happen with any puppy or senior pet.

What do the dogs do on the carpet?

What do the dogs do on the carpet

When a dog walk, lie down or wallow on a woollen carpet, it leaves fur. This can damage your actual carpet wool. When it pee on it, things get worse. Even after you clean it up then and then, it leaves a bad smell and bacteria and enzymes. This urine smell attracts the dogs and makes them pee on the smelly same carpet again and again.

How to keep dog off carpet

keep dog off carpet

You must think it sooner how to keep your dog off the carpet. There are some practical and psychological ways to keep the dog off the carpet. These are not too many, but I’ll here try to help you with some ideas.

Firstly I will suggest some homemade remedies or pet repellents to solve this problem. There are certain smells that dogs repulse from. If they find the smell on the carpet surface, they will never be there.

Lemon Juice

One of them is lemon juice. You can use products with lemon juice or use them directly. This is the most avail product of all.

  • Squeeze some pieces of lemons. Take as much extract you can by wringing them. Take an empty squirt bottle and fill up water into it.
  • Pour the lemon extracts into the water bottle. It may measure like 2/3 tablespoons depending on the size of the bottle.
  • Shake it, make a lemon odour spray bottle and spritz it all over your carpet.

People also use lemon essential oils instead of this. This lemony smell over your carpet will hopefully deter your dog from coming near it.


Another smell that dogs oppose to the mixture of vinegar and water. This is also a very common and available product in households.

  • Take a one-one ratio of each of water and vinegar.
  • Mix them in a spray bottle and spread the mixture onto the carpet.
  • This will make your carpet slight smelly but will obviously keep your dog away.

Rubbing alcohol

The smell of rubbing alcohol is also a repulsive method to prevent your dog to come near the carpet. Use the same way you used the vinegar. Isopropyl alcohol is a good one that you can use. It is also antibacterial.

  • One-one ratio
  • Mixing and Spraying

Black pepper

Another effective but not so used trick is to sprinkle some black pepper all over the carpet. Don’t worry about vacuuming the carpet, some will still remain on the carpet. When the dog will smell the pepper, they will hate it.

Enzymatic cleaner

As the dog pee leaves enzymes, you can buy an enzymatic cleaner that makes your carpet stop smelling fast. It stops attracting the dogs. Enzymes are the catalyst that speeds up any chemical reaction. It breaks down the stains and odour as well.

Dog repellent sprays

There are also many dog repellent sprays in the market. If you are not happy with the homemade remedy, you can also search for them.

  • The Company of Animal Pet corrector,
  • SABRE Dog Spray- Protector Dog Deterrent.
  • Grannick’s Bitter Apple,

They are famous commercial pet repellents.

Now I’ll mention a physiological way that you can apply. This is not the whole of training for your dog, it will just keep it out of the carpet.

  • You have to walk past the carpeted area with your dog by grabbing its leash beside you.
  • Do not let him walk on the carpet.
  • When you both pass the carpet, give the dog verbal praise and some treat. Keep doing it for some days.
  • Your dog will have the training to walk leaving the carpet area. If you concentrate, hope it will work.

Why do the dogs keep going on the carpet?

Why do the dogs keep going on the carpet

If you have trained your dog but it keeps going on the carpet, there must be a slight smell of something that attracts the dog. Maybe the smell of urine or any food stain that you cleaned long ago but left a smell.

It is possible that you can’t smell it. But you should know that the sense of smell of a dog is 40-50 times greater than human. Another thing is that dogs have something in their nose called Neophilia, which means dogs can be attracted to new and interesting odours.

Things you need to know

Things you need to know about dog

  1. The smell of citrus is naturally pet repellent, not only lemon juice but also citrus essential, limes and grapefruit are also helpful if you want to use them.
  2. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar make your whole house smell when you use them. So if you are not comfortable with the smell of those, try not to use them. Lemon is a way better option. It has a natural sweet smell.
  3. Always keep your carpet clean. Any kind of stain from any smelly food or element will create odour and attract your dog. So if you make any accident clean it then and then with some preventive products that I mentioned above.
  4. Vacuum your carpet regularly. You can use baking soda while vacuuming, this also creates a pet repellent odour.
  5. The most important prevention is to train and housebreak your dog well as soon as possible.
  6. You can use Puppy pads or crating to prevent your dog from coming from the carpet area.
  7. When you are giving your dog training for not walking on the carpet, make sure you keep the other room close, so that the dog’s full attention remains on one task.

Final Words

Dog Off Carpet

Being a tidy house owner, you must keep your pet away from your carpets rugs and other woollen things. Now as you got to know how to keep dog off carpet, it is time to do it practically. Bamboozle your dog’s sharpest nose, make it trained as you want and keep your carpet as clean as new.

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