How to Remove Adhesive from Car Dashboard

How to Remove Adhesive from Car Dashboard? Steps to Follow in 2023

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As a tidy car owner, you must not allow your car to be filthy. If you are noticing any stickiness or viscous dirt on your car’s dashboard, it might be the frosted adhesives that appear while driving the car.

To get rid of these specks of dirt, you must know how to remove adhesive from car dashboard. If you don’t know how to do so, it is high time you learned it.

A car’s dashboard is a control panel set of interior placed on the car’s front. It has significant components which are interconnected with each other. The car needs to perform well. It includes a car indicator light, drawer, ignition key, levers, car units, and control center. So if it remains dirty, it may create issues.

How does the car dashboard get adhesive?

How does the car dashboard get adhesive

The adhesive may come when you were driving in rough weather like in rain or storm and didn’t clean the car afterward. If you leave any item on the dashboard and kept the car in the sun, the heat can cause spots and adhesive. Peeling vinyl can be a reason too.

The dashboard can be sticky if you had stuck something on the dashboard and then took it off but the glue was there. People normally stick the GPS mounts or a mini air freshener or some sticky instruction notes on the dashboard. So curdled marks or adhesives are very common in the dashboard.

Why do you need a complete procedure to clean it?

Why do you need a complete procedure to clean it

Your dashboard is a vinyl area. You have to clean it very carefully. You cannot clean the dirty dashboard with the usual paper towel or wet cloth. They become so sticky and rigid that you have to struggle.

I can help you with some suggestions to remove adhesive from your dashboard. So be cautious while I describe the process.

Things you will need:

Things you will need

Paper towel, scrubber, detergent or foam cleaner (whichever you prefer), sponge, vinyl cleaner and vinyl protectant, cotton cloth, a hand fan to dry them rapidly or vacuum,

How to remove adhesive from car dashboard:

to remove adhesive from car dashboard

Step 1

Remove noticeable dirt first:

If you see any larger particles that are removable with wiping them out or any food, visible dirt etcetera – clean them at the beginning of starting the process. You can use a paper towel or any damp cloth for that.

Step 2

Take the detergent or cleaning product or a foam cleaner, whichever you want to use. Make a solution with water and let it become fully dissolved.

Step 3

Take a clean cloth and dip it down into the solution. Take that out and squeeze it until it becomes damp.

Step 4

Clean the surface of the dashboard with the cloth. Wipe it all over the dashboard. If you feel the spots or dirt is too rigid, try to use a little force to clean that.

Step 5

After you are finished with the cleaning and rubbing, wait for 10-15 minutes and let the dashboard dry.  If you still notice some stickiness on the dashboard, try to use a plastic scraper or some harsh paper towel and rub them to chip away the dirt.

Step 6

Take the vinyl cleaner and spray it all over the dirty areas. Then take the sponge and wipe away the tint place. You can use a scrubbing brush to work it better. Then let the place dry again.

Step 7

Take the protectant. Pour some amount of your vinyl protectant on a clean cloth. Then apply it to the dashboard.

There are two types of vinyl protectants in the market- Shiny, and Matte. You can buy any of them you want.

But first, before buying it, you can test them and then select them. Borrow two of the products for a test from someone who has. Apply them in a hidden area. See the finish and decide which look you prefer.

Step 8

Now sit tight and wait for the protectant to set on your dashboard. It may take 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 9

Go into the car again and wipe away the excess residues that stayed using another clean cloth.

If you are not happy with the shining capacity of your dashboard, apply the coat again. If you are content with the finish, you are done with the adhesive like dirt and spots on the dashboard. Now you are free till the next round of the cleaning process maybe after 3 or 6 months I don’t know, depends on the use.

Things you should keep in mind:

Things you should keep in mind

  • If you use tape on the dashboard, use good quality tape. They don’t leave marks. Like the free-them foam tape.
      • Do not use a too wet damp cloth for the wiping process. It can make the electronic parts damaged around the dashboard.
      • Do not apply the vinyl protectant directly on the surface because it could create an uneven and blotchy finish.
      • Properly dry out your car after cleaning. If it leaves any watermark after drying, know that it did not clean well. Use the fan or your car’s fan for the perfect drying.
      • Wipeout all the vinyl protectant residue otherwise, it will make trouble if it gets inside the dashboard.
      • Make sure you are applying a vinyl protectant and not the Silicon sealer on your car. The second one can create trouble.
      • Do not apply the vinyl protectant on the steering wheel or the pedals because the product makes the surface slippery.
      • The adhesive on the dashboard sometimes is not a big deal. But cleaning it can prevent your car from larger problems. So remove them as soon as you notice them.
      • Removing the adhesive can save you from spending heavy money in the long run on faded colors, scratches, chipping paint etcetera.

    Final words:

    remove adhesive from car dashboard

    The adhesives stuck on your car’s dashboard will not harm your driving probably but it can make your car nasty and pocket empty when you will finally get time to clean it. So do not be reluctant to clean the adhesive. Now as you know how to remove adhesive from car dashboard, it is time to do the practical framework. Buy all the necessary products and get the work done by yourself.

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