How to Remove Stain from Glass Windows

How to Remove Stain from Glass Windows | Easy Method for Beginners in 2022

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If you just noticed a haziness on your glass window, this may be the stains of water on your window surface. It is known to be the most common issue in the household.

Being a very tidy house owner, you will not let your windows remain dirty. As you know, these cloudy hazes are called stains, you need to be efficient while cleaning your window.

Your window can have various types of stains. But as your window is made of glass, you may face water stains on it. Don’t do delay cleaning the stains. For your convenience here, I will tell you how to remove stain from glass windows.

Windows are the eyes of the house. It is the most soothing part of every room of any house. So the cleanliness of your window is important.

Glass windows are more likely to be well-organized. If your glass window is shallow or dusty, the whole posture of your house gets spoiled. So be cautious when I describe the facts of how to remove stain from a glass window.

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What is a Stain on Glass?

What is a Stain on Glass?

When the glass comes in contact with the water, eventually the water evaporates and leaves the leftover minerals. These minerals, especially the magnesium and calcium minerals pilled up and makes a stain on the glass. They build up themselves over the surface of the glass and make the glass look dusty and cloudy. It is called the stain of glass.

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Causes and Effects of the Stains on the Window

Causes and Effects of the Stains on the Window

The way, the other glasses get stains, your glass window gets stains in the same way- By the leftover minerals. But how they get in touch with water, there are some natural reasons behind it.

Rain is the biggest natural reason. After raining heavily, it is not always possible to wipe your windows or dry them out fully. Some water remains on the surface and after they disappeared, the minerals start doing the work of creating stains.

Bathroom and kitchen windows are usually wet all the time. The glasses of these windows are also victims of water stains.

Another thing is maybe the present cleanser of your window is not worthy. It keeps an extra layer of taint marks on the surface.

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How to Remove Stain from Glass Windows

Remove Stain from Glass Windows

Cleaning solutions are used for removing stains. These solutions help to break the Mineral bond in stains and coruscate the glasses.

There are many home-grown and chemical ways to get rid of the stain on your window surface. First I will tell you some homely informal ways to remove stains from glass windows.

Using vinegar-water

Vinegar is the most popular ingredient of all in this case. It fights the stains and hazes like a one-man army. Chemically it is a diluted solution of 5 to 8 percent of acetic acid by volume. It is called a miracle of nature sometimes.

Step 1

Gather all the tools and equipment you have to use. Like you need, vinegar, spray bottle, a large rug or towel, a toothbrush, and water.

Step 2

Mix 50% of water and 50% of vinegar together. Put them into a spray bottle.

Step 3

Identify the spots and spray them thoroughly on them. Make it totally wet with vinegar water.

You can spill on the whole surface as of the window because all are glassy and can be stained anyway.

Step 4

You have to spray again after some time. The more the glass becomes wet the better the stain absorbs the chemical substance from the vinegar.

Step 5

Wait for some period then wipe the glass window with the large rug or towel. If the spots are too hard try using the toothpaste, and rub it harshly.

Step 6

Lastly, rinse the window with clean water. Don’t let any water remains on the surface. Use a dry cleaning sponge to suck all water.

Direct Vinegar

If the stains are too tough to be cleaned, you can spray the vinegar directly. But remember to wear thick hand gloves while using the rough vinegar.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is acidic. Citric acid makes all the stains and tints go away. Mix some lemon juice with water. Take a few amounts and apply them to the window glass. It lessens the marks from your window.


Your glass windows can be cleaned by rubbing alcohol. Take Rubbing alcohol and water at a 1:4 ratio, mix them together and rub them on the surface. It fights well with the hard stains.


The way you used alcohol, you can use ammonia too in the same way. Ammonia is also very effective on water stains.

Normal detergent

Mix some normal detergent with water. Take a sponge and pour some mixture on it. Scour your window very well. Hopefully, the mild stains will be removed by it.

Things you Should Keep in Mind

stain Remove from glass windows

  1. You can also use newspaper or any other paper to wipe out, in stade of clothing or towel or rug.

Newspapers don’t leave a mark after cleaning on glass only. It is available everywhere and you can reuse your old newspapers.

  1. You have to unfold a large cloth or polythene on the floor, under the window because your floor may get wet during working on the window.
  2. Always keep a large dry rug to wipe away your floor and keep a dry clean sponge to dry out the windows right after rinsing water on them.
  3. Do not use dirty clothes. It will increase your work rather than cleaning them.
  4. Keep spraying and rubbing until you are content with your window glass.
  5. Dry your windows perfectly. You can use the charging fans or the exhaust fans of your house for that. Drying is obviously an important part of your mission.
  6. Always use diluted vinegar to clean your windows.
  7. When you are using acid or other chemicals, don’t forget to wear thick gloves and eye protection.

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Final Words

glass windows stain

Stains on windows are the most common of all household miseries. If you have a household cleaning routine, doing your windows must be in the weekly department. Now you know well, how to remove stain from glass window. It is time to apply the method in your house and get glossy windows as new as before.

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