What Causes Dull Spots on Quartz Countertops

What Causes Dull Spots on Quartz Countertops? Essential Tips for 2023

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Are you a kitchen lover? Are you? Then this article is for you because here I am going to tell you what causes dull spots on quartz countertops.

Who doesn’t want to make their kitchen attractive? If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, then I bet you are excited to choose countertops.

If you have already used countertops, you know after time passes, dull spots are often seen on countertops.

No matter whether you choose countertops of wood, quartz, marble, or concrete, this is going to happen.

Have patience and stay with me to know the actual cause of the gloominess of the countertops.

The Reason Behind The Gloominess Of Countertops

The Reason Behind The Gloominess Of Countertops

Just imagine you set your new quartz countertops in your kitchen and a few days later surprisingly found some spots cloudy appearance on the countertops.

Well well! I know how that feels.

But trust me, that’s natural and not a big deal. If you know the cause of this type of spot, then take steps to prevent that.

So no more wasting time, take a look at the causes:

Manufacture problem

Let’s focus on the first possibility of seeing dull spots that can be manufacturing defects.

If you fix your quartz countertops and see spots, then there is a chance that the spot is already on the quartz when it manufactures.

So, always need to be conscious about selecting countertops and the right manufacturer.

Acidic food reaction

I think this Common mistake like drinking any kind of beverage or Acidic Foods on the countertops people always do.

And as usual, we are human, and we do mess right! These food beverages often spill onto the countertops. These things create a dull spot on the countertops.

I think you also do this thing. Let me clear you that when you drink coffee or juice like Orange or lemons or any beverages, then Accidently it spill onto the countertops.

Then what would happen? This type of food contains acids that later react with the stone and causes damage and create spots on the quartz.

Unwanted heat

Do you have a gas stove or oven on your quartz countertops? Here is the mistake you should know that these types of machines create heat which can cause damage to your countertops.

You may see it on your countertops. There are cloudy white spots on there. Yeah, that is because of the high heat of the oven and gas.

Wrong cleaning method

Now tell me how you clean your quartz countertops. You are going to be shocked that your cleaning method can also cause damage.

Do you want to know how? If you are using any kind of cleaners that contain Bleach or abrasive then sorry you already damaged your countertops.

This type of cleaner may look like it cleans, but it makes them look unappealing, which later creates many spots on it.


You have no idea how water can damage your countertops. Let me remind you how you damaged your quartz countertops every day by splitting water on them.

I know how harsh conduct happens in the kitchen every day, and usually, you will split water on countertops when you work.

These are the most common activities that create stains and spots on countertops. When you split water on quartz countertops, it’s material to observe the water.

Later it loses its luster and easily creates a water stain mark on it.

Other stains

I know you spilled water on the countertops, but what about the sauce, spices powder like Turmeric, chili, and cumin?

When you cook, you split these items on your countertops. And as usual, these stains affect your quartz countertops colors and create dull spots.

These are the common activities that damage your quartz countertops and later create dull spots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Whether the quartz countertops stain or not?

If you ask this question to any person in a general idea, they will answer you; nope, they don’t.

But if you ask the same question to any kitchen worker, they will give you a different answer that will be yes.

The real answer is yes; quartz countertops can stain. White quartz countertops can easily stain besides other color countertops stained by chemicals reaction or other reasons.

2. Quartz has stain resistance then; why do quartz countertops may stains?

As you know that, quartz is mainly made with polymer resins and natural quartz. The polymer has the stability to resist stain.

In quartz, polymer quality is 5%-10%. There are some circumstances like harsh chemicals reaction or a long time stain stayed on quartz that may cause damage to the quartz countertops and create spots.

3. What is a common activity that can prevent the dull spots on quartz countertops?

As I told you already, stain spots are natural on quartz countertops as you need to work a lot on them. So, you need not take any tension if you simply follow this step.

All you need to do is take a soft cloth or sponge, dip that warm water and scrub the cloth on the spot area.

After that, take a dry cloth and wipe it over the countertops and check out the countertops dry out properly.

So, if you do this step daily immediately after the stain is seen on quartz countertops, then you can easily prevent the stain or spots.

4. Is the sunlight exposure damage quartz countertops?

Yes, it can. Is your kitchen getting direct sunlight? Then damage may be accrued cause sunlight contains ultra-violate rays, which can discolor your quartz countertops.

After, it appears cloudy spots on your countertops.

Final Words

Besides other people, including me, we all want our kitchen to look beautiful net and clean to attract people’s eyes and also that can help us to enjoy our kitchen hours.

Here the quartz countertops play a major role in the kitchen as they became the main focus part of the kitchen. So, countertops help in kitchen work, but besides that, they become dirty.

Which later creates unwanted dull spots, and countertops look less attractive.

Throughout my article, I tried to discuss all possible situations when dull spots may create on quartz countertops.

I hope now you understand the mistakes you made every day in the kitchen that damaged your quartz countertops.

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